Add A Frame® Installation


1) Use a tape measure determine the width and height of your mirror.

2) If you have any objects near your mirror that may interfere with the installation of your new frame, you’ll want to measure the distance from the edge of your mirror to these obstructions as well. We like to include a 3/8” overhang on our Add A Frame ® products to help conceal the mirror edges, but we only do so if space allows!

3) While you’re doing your measuring, make sure to note if your mirror has beveled edges or if plastic clips have been used to hang the mirror onto the wall. You’ll be asked about these when filling out your order form.


1) Your Frame My Mirror package has arrived and you’re ready to get started! The box will include double-backed tape, instructions, wedges, glue and, of course, your new Add A Frame ®. Before you begin, you’ll also want to gather a few tools needed for assembly and installation: a rag, a hammer, standard rubbing alcohol and water.

2) With everything in place, take a moment to examine your new frame. You’ll notice routes running along the edge of the frame pieces. Make sure that the wedges you use for each piece match the routes. Lay your frame face down on a soft surface to protect the finish (either carpet or a bed of towels will work). To keep everything organized, make sure that the frame is correctly arranged with pieces of the same length lying opposite each other, just as it will appear on the wall.

3) Working one corner at a time, it’s time to start assembling! Apply the Frame My Mirror glue to one of the two corner pieces. Using your hand, insert an assembly wedge into the proper route on both of the corner pieces. Join the two corners together while making sure to hold the frame pieces level. You can use a folded washcloth under the low side to help keep the back level while you’re pushing the wedges into place. If you need some extra help, gently tap the pieces together using your hammer so each wedge sits flush with the frame. When you’re done with your corner, use a damp cloth to clean up any excess glue that may have squeezed out. Repeat the process for the remaining three corners and allow your newly assembled frame to rest for at least 3 hours before moving into installation.


1) If your mirror is held in place by plastic mirror clips, you’ll want to replace them one at a time with the flat metal clips we included with your Add A Frame ® order.

2) Before installing your frame you’ll want to dry fit it against the mirror to make sure everything looks just right. Double check the placement and ensure that no obstacle, such as light fixtures, medicine cabinets, or towel bars, will interfere with installation. Once you’ve ensured the placement, take the frame down and set it aside.

3) Clean your mirror using a 50-50 mixture of rubbing alcohol and water.

4) Remove the protective backing from the double-sided tape on the back of the frame.

5) Align your Add A Frame ® just like you did with the dry run, and gently press it onto the mirror. If the fit and position look good, apply pressure to the frame to secure it in place.

6) Take a step back and enjoy your new frame. Maybe even snag a picture or two. We love to see our Add A Frame ® system in action!


If your mirror is 90″ or larger on any side, it is considered oversized. Large frames are charged an additional fee of $50, which allows you to still take advantage of our free shipping option. Frames over 99″ will be spliced. While splicing is a precision cut, it may still be noticeable once the frame is installed. To learn more about splicing, visit our FAQ.


If your installation isn’t quite so cut and dry, like framing multiple mirrors that meet at a corner, please call us to place your order. We will be happy to work with you to ensure that your unique installation is precisely ordered, cut, and delivered.

Framed Mirror Installation

Step 1

Inspect frame and mirror for any damages or manufacturer defects.

Step 2

Locate all hardware. Installed on the back of the frame, there should be:

  • 1 hangrail on the top of the frame
  • 1-2 security brackets on the bottom of the frame
  • 4 L brackets, one on each corner

Hanging hardware is included separately and should include:

  • 1 hangrail to be applied to the wall
  • 1/2” screws
  • 1-2 T-bolts for security brackets
  • Wall anchors
  • 1 security wrench

Step 3

For best results, always install frame into one or more wall studs. When a stud is not available, use provided wall anchors.

Install hangrail(s) at the desired height, with the screw holes facing downward.

Use wall anchors if necessary.

Step 4

Hang the frame onto the wall by interlocking the hangrails into each other.

Step 5

With the frame hanging on the wall and level, apply slight pressure to the bottom of the frame where the security brackets are installed. DO NOT PRESS ON MIRROR. This slight pressure will make an indentation on the wall of where the security bracket opening rests on the wall.

Remove the frame and set aside.

Step 6

Install the blue wall anchors in the middle of the security bracket indentation left on the wall.

Step 7

Insert the T-screw into the blue wall anchor, leaving approximately 3/8” off the wall and in a horizontal position. There should be no thread visible.

Step 8

Place frame back on to the wall, allowing the T-screw to enter the security bracket. Using the security wrench provided, reach behind the frame and locate the T-screw. Turn the screw 90-degrees, locking the frame onto the wall.