5 Dangerous Household Chemicals

two silver framed mirros in master bathroom

For parents who work all day or anyone with a long list of responsibilities, the job of keeping the house clean can seem like a real pain. All too often, we compensate for our lack of time or energy for house chores by using cleaning products that “power through” tough jobs while minimizing the amount of scrubbing you have to do. Unfortunately, the fumes from these products can also power through our lungs or harm our health if we are not very careful with them. Read More

Add Something Fresh in Your Bathroom with Air Plants

air plant in wood on bathroom vanity

Air plants are a growing trend and a must-have in every bathroom to brighten up your space and bring a little bit of nature into a room where you typically do not see much “natural green.”  Air plants are perfect for a bathroom – they do not require soil, just occasional watering and lighting from either a window or even a light in your bathroom! Read More

Making the Most of Your Half Bathroom

wallpaper with ostriches

Half baths: the room that your party guest can go in, be themselves, snoop around and make judge-y looks without anyone seeing them.
Since half baths are rarely used, other than easy access for ‘emergencies’ or when company is over, it gives you a chance to branch out with design style that you normally would not see in a master bath, or jack and jill bath. Here’s your chance to use that awesome wall paper, crazy fixtures, bold paint colors and, of course, the framed mirror to tie it all together! Read More