3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Home Gym

Over the last year, public spaces have looked different (to say the least). One side effect? The number of home gyms that have cropped up across the globe.

Whether it’s because your gym shut down, or because you simply started working out at home as something to do during the pandemic, it’s time to fully commit to making your home gym the best it can be. Exercise is important on so many different health levels, so why not create a space for that right at home?

Here are three reasons why an improved home gym is a good idea:


#1: Enjoy daily commitment, minus the commute.

One undeniable benefit of having a home gym is that it’s always open, 24/7. That lofty goal of moving your body and getting sweaty six days a week becomes much more attainable when the only commute is to walk a few steps. This becomes important when you’re trying to set a routine — and in a chaotic, unpredictable world, an easy-to-access daily workout routine can be a real sanity saver.


#2: Save money over time.

Though there may be some upfront costs of getting your home gym set up — such as investing in some free weights, buying a yoga mat and installing a mirror — you stand to save a significant amount of money in the long run. Based on the average monthly gym membership cost, you could save anywhere from $60-$300 per month by working out at home. And that adds up!


#3: You can make it entirely your own.

The best part of a home gym is that it’s all YOURS. After all, there’s plenty of space for social distancing when it’s just you. Enjoy plenty of elbow room, blast your music as loud as you’d like, and style the space exactly how you want.


Speaking of style, don’t forget to add a mirror to your gym! Think of it as a necessary piece of equipment to use for checking form, staying motivated throughout your workout, and making your space feel twice as big.

Frame My Mirror custom mirrors are ideal for unconventional spaces. For example, we have custom solutions for your garage-turned-flex-space, that wonky jut-out wall in your guest bedroom, or the strange ceiling height in the FROG — wherever your home gym winds up! Even if your workout zone lands somewhere without standard-sized walls, we have what you need.

Simply choose your style and enter your size, and we’ll create a framed mirror to your exact specifications.

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4 Strategic Ways to Add Natural Light to a Dark Room

Ever been tempted to bust down a wall or add a window or two to allow some light into your home? Atmosphere is everything — we understand! Before you break out your best DIY tools, consider these relatively easy (and comparatively inexpensive) ways to brighten up your space!

Whether your home is flooded with natural light or feels a bit more dark, what’s important is that you learn to make the most of what you have.

If you love light, but lack floor-to-ceiling windows in every room of your home, we’ve rounded up a few top tips for you to follow. Ahead, check out a few best practices for adding natural light into your home (WITHOUT needing to cut a hole in the wall!).


  1. Make your door work double-duty.

Glass storm doors, French doors, and even doors with frosted windows can be the difference between night and day for a room. Depending on the space in question, a simple door replacement can allow light to pour in. This is especially true for foyers, home offices, and even laundry rooms!


  1. Think beyond overhead lighting.

When you’ve exhausted your creative juices, it can be tempting to throw the brightest bulbs into one giant ceiling fan fixture and call it a day. However, relying on a single light source is not the answer. Consider floor lamps, sconces and table lamps to help bounce light off the walls. You might even consider investing in recessed lighting.


  1. Keep dark colors to a minimum.

In general, avoid overcrowding your space with too much dark color or clutter — that will only make a dim room seem more weighed down. Specifically when it comes to wall colors and furniture upholstery, dark colors can make a room feel more heavy. If your natural light is limited, stick to a light, white scheme and use colors as accents.


  1. Maximize light with mirrors.

Amplify whatever light does make its way into the room by instantly doubling it with a mirror! Mirrors reflect light and spread it around a space — and even into rooms opposite them. Not only that, but mirrors can make a room feel much bigger and more polished. Pro tip: Consider placing a mirror in the hallway wall directly across from your dark space to effortlessly add some illumination.

Achieving a bright, airy vibe in a darker space is not always easy, but it can be done with a bit of strategic design!

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Where To Put a Custom Mirror

Sometimes, you just need something specific — and completely customized to you.

There are plenty of places in your home where what you need might not be something you can buy, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for less. Instead, let’s talk about some occasions when a customized mirror might be the easiest, most logical solution.

Your home gym

We’re all working out at home a lot more now, and if you’re missing those huge mirrors in the weight room at your former fitness center, it may have got you thinking about how to optimize your home gym. With a customized mirror, you can find something that works exactly with the space you have, instead of making your space work around the mirror.

Your living room 

You know that one wall that you can never figure out what to put on it? Or that space above your couch that’s a weird length? Your living room is where you spend your time, so make your space exactly what you want it to be and customize a mirror to suit your needs.

Your dining room 

Mirrors add great depth and brightness to a dining room, but placement is important. Too big and a mirror will seem overpowering, too small and it’ll seem insignificant and out of place. Find the exact right size to complement your room and table length by customizing your dimensions.

Your bedroom 

Checking your outfit in the mirror is an important part of getting ready every morning. You deserve to have the mirror you want in your bedroom — even if you have to customize it to get it. After all, if there’s anywhere in your home where you should be able to fully customize your decor, your bedroom is it.

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Find the Right Balance Between Decor and Clutter

If you’re someone who loves stuff, you might sometimes wonder if you’ve gone too far. After all, what’s the difference between having plenty of decor…and having too much clutter?

The truth is, it’s a slippery slope — and in order to avoid falling down it, you need to carefully cultivate your own decor style against a little self-editing. Luckily, you don’t have to figure it out all on your own. We have three great tips to help you find balance and avoid the clutter trap.

Work with white space

If you’re staging shelves or a mantle, make sure the decor items you select also have room to breathe. By over-stacking or filling the entire space, you can easily overwhelm the items you want to shine. Instead, insert some space and stick to decor elements that you really want noticed. Another way to achieve this is to choose items of varying heights and sizes to allow you to play with both vertical and horizontal white space.

Accent with pieces that expand, not shrink 

There’s a reason that a cluttered room often feels smaller than it actually is. When you weigh your space down with stuff, you make your entire area feel heavy. Instead, look for airy furniture, like glass top tables or couches that sit up higher on legs. Accenting with lighter-colored items and mirrors will also make a room feel more open and bright, which will help to counteract any clutter concerns.

Stick with what you love

It may seem like simplistic advice, but decor for decor’s sake will get old quick. Instead, invest in decorations that you really love so they won’t feel like clutter. By choosing items that only “spark joy” (a la Marie Kondo), you won’t have to worry about feeling overwhelmed by items that take up space in your home, but not in your heart.

When in doubt? Always go with the concept of “less is more.” Adding new decor items slowly as you feel inspired is an easier path to take than getting rid of things that never made you happy after months of feeling overwhelmed.

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5 Tricks for Brightening a Dark Room

Not only can a darker room affect your mood, but it can also actually make your space feel smaller than it is. But don’t worry: if you have a dark room in your home, all is not lost. With just a few small tweaks, you can brighten it up and enjoy a lighter, happier space.

Here are our five best tips for bringing light into a dark room:

Update your paint

Dark paint colors weigh down a room and don’t do you any favors when it comes to bouncing light off the walls. Instead, stick to light shades that brighten or limit dark paint to an accent wall.

Hang a mirror

We all know mirrors reflect light — and in a room with lots of windows, that’s an instant brightness maker. In this case, the bigger the better. By hanging a statement mirror, you can get the most out of a room’s natural light.

Avoid bulky furniture

Ideally, you want furniture that can offer both form and function. However, heavy and bulky furniture can weigh down the feel of a room, making your space feel cluttered and dark. Instead, invest in furniture that also creates space and light in your room — like glass top tables or couches that don’t rest entirely on the ground.

Get strategic with light fixtures 

While natural light is obviously best for organically brightening up a room, don’t underestimate the effect of a strategically-placed light fixture. Aim for indirect light pointed at the ceiling to get the most natural brightness feel.

Go metallic

Just light mirrors, shiny surfaces reflect light and create added brightness. Embrace metallic accents (like a gold or silver mirror frame, perhaps?) that will add a little shine to your space.

So, next time you’re lamenting the darkness of a particular room, try a few of these fixes and see what a difference it makes.

And if you’re not prepared to break out the paint brushes or buy new furniture, might we suggest starting with a mirror