10 Fresh Home Trends That Are Here to Stay

If you follow trends closely, it can seem like one week your style is in…and the next it’s out. But worry no more — we have a list of today’s hottest home décor trends that are going to stand the test of time.

Navy blue

Whether painted as an accent wall or incorporated throughout your décor, navy is a timeless color choice that always looks classy.

Free-standing bathtubs

Update your bathroom with this always stunning, always luxurious design choice. Bonus points for vintage claw feet!

Pops of color

Bright accents can serve the dual purpose of brightening up a room and tying your décor together.

Black and white

You can always count on these two ends of the color spectrum to work well together and create a timeless feel. Whether in kitchens or bathrooms, you won’t regret embracing this combo.

Vintage accents

Old is always in. Hit up the antique store and find some vintage accents to bring some historic décor into your home.

Live plants

Nothing will make a room feel more pulled together and complete than adding some fresh greenery and plants. You can rise above your black thumb and make it happen!

Statement art

While framed photos and gallery walls are great, investing in a piece of statement art can really make a visual impact.


From their light-bouncing abilities, to the practical use, mirrors add brightness and functionality to any room.

Cozy fabrics

From stylish throws, to soft-textured couches, there’s a never-ending snuggly appeal to cozy fabrics.

Non-white kitchens

White kitchens had their day in the sun and now more natural neutrals are taking over the trends — and we don’t think this shift is going anywhere anytime soon.

Of course, the most important thing about a “trend” isn’t whether it’s in style — it’s whether you like it. Go with your gut and your style first, then worry about whether it’s on trend.

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5 Timeless Trends That Aren’t Going Anywhere

As tempting as it is to try new and unusual décor trends, sometimes embracing a classic style is your best bet for getting longevity out of your home design. By following timeless trends, you won’t have to worry about growing tired of your choices or constantly wanting to update to stay “in style.”

Here are five trends to help make your home décor timeless:

Neutral paint colors

Choosing paint colors is a big commitment. While there may be certain (easily repainted) rooms of your home where you’re more likely to take a risk — your bathroom or a child’s room — stick to neutral paint colors in your main large living spaces.

Built-in shelves

Who doesn’t love a built-in shelf? Having more storage options is never a bad thing, and built-in shelves have the great ability to be both stylish and functional.

Statement mirrors

Whether on the wall or propped against a wall, an oversized statement mirror is a timeless way to add depth and visual intrigue to any room of your home. Not only does a statement mirror make a small room feel bigger and brighter, but it also gives you added function for checking your appearance.

Keeping it simple

One thing that’s sure to go out of style fast: an over-decorated, cluttered room. Erring on the side of minimalism will help your décor stay timeless and continually feel fresh.

Area rugs

Tying a room together with an area rug is never likely to go out of style. While certain colors and prints might change with the times, but the practice of adding a perfectly-sized area rug to warm up a room will always be on trend.

Now, this post is not to say that you shouldn’t take risks in your décor — just make them intentionally and consider how easy they are to change if you grow tired of the current trend.

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Top Design Trends of 2020

Design trends come and go, and with what’s “in” and “out” constantly changing, it can be a challenge to keep up. While we’re big believers that you should always make design choices that you enjoy — regardless of whether they’re “on trend” — we also love following style changes over time. Here’s what’s currently making waves in the interior design world in 2020.

Combining modern with antique

Mixing elements of both modern and more traditional — or even antique — style is expected to be big in 2020. Think antique furniture with modern art on the walls.

Big, bold colors

While clean whites and different shades of gray ruled the first part of the new century, latest design trends show a shift toward bolder, warmer accent colors and even deep monochromatic style. We’re talking cobalt blues and kelly greens.

Painted interior doors

Rather than just a boring shade of white, paint your interior doors to act as accent pieces in your home. This year, we’re seeing darker and darker color choices that really make doors that once blended in now stand out.

Fun bathroom designs

From quirky wallpaper, to a unique mirror, bathrooms no longer have to be the most boring room in your home. Instead, this year’s design trend is for bathroom design that takes risks and shows personality.

Faux marble countertops

While the real stone can be difficult to maintain, the latest in kitchen design is countertops made to look marble with porcelain and manmade materials. This provides the best of both worlds — the look you want without tedious upkeep.

Multifunctional spaces

Make the most of the space you have by taking back wasted space and being flexible with the purpose of each room in your home. Closet too big for your needs? Revamp a portion of it to act as a home office.

One thing’s for sure: 2020 is the perfect time to take a bold design risk.

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3 Ways to Spruce Up a Boring Room

We all have those rooms in our home where we didn’t put as much effort into the décor and the end result is—well—a tad boring. However, instead of just resigning yourself to having “that one boring room” in your home, the time is now to do something about it.

Luckily, you don’t have to do a complete renovation or fully redecorate in order to spruce up a boring room. In fact, even make a few small tweaks and changes can make a huge difference in the looks and feel of a room.

Here are our three best tips for sprucing up a boring room:

Add a new rug

The right rug is often the key missing element to tie a room together. Just be mindful of choosing the right size for your room (hint: visually, it’s best to either find a rug that is big enough to contain all or almost all of the furniture in a given room) and finding a pattern that doesn’t completely overwhelm the senses. Beyond those two concerns, the right rug can be a subtle focal point that makes a previously unremarkable room much more appealing.

Decorate the walls

Wall décor helps move the eyes upwards and allows a room to feel “finished,” even when furniture is sparse. However, you don’t have to break the bank on expensive art in order to achieve this effect. Consider framing some family photos, purchasing a new mirror, framing and existing mirror, creating a gallery wall.

Fill in with fresh accents

Accent pieces like pillows, curtains or even shelving décor offer the perfect small opportunity to “complete” a room. Something as simple as adding a decorative tray to your coffee table or a new vase to your shelving unit might be just the right touch you need to bring a room together. When adding accents, it’s best to not overthink it and just go with complementary items that bring you happiness.

A boring room will only stay as boring as you let it. By adding intrigue and style, you can easily spruce up a drab space with minimal spending and effort.

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