The One Color You Should Be Adding to Your Bathroom Décor

What color do you think of the most when it comes to bathroom décor?

If you’re like most people, the answer is white. White bathroom vanities, white tubs, white tile, white walls — white from ceiling to floor. However, there’s a new bathroom color trend that capitalizes on one of the top rules of fashion: navy is always in style.

That’s right: we’re here to talk about incorporating more navy design items into your bathroom décor. Just like with kitchen design, using navy design elements in bathrooms is growing in popularity. From painting your vanity navy, to embracing navy tile — there are tons of great ideas for darkening your bathroom décor with this always classy color.

So, how can you go about incorporating navy into your bathroom décor? Here are a few tips:

  • Mix navy and white. Visualize a classic checkered tile, and then use that as inspiration for a bathroom that balances both sides of the color spectrum.
  • Mix navy and copper. The shine of the copper makes a perfect complement to navy. Try painting your vanity cabinet navy, then adding a copper faucet, copper soap dispenser or copper drawer pulls.
  • Mix navy with any metal. However, it isn’t just copper that goes great with navy. Both silver and gold accents can also create a great, timeless look.
  • Paint an accent wall. While you’ll want to make sure having a navy wall wouldn’t overpower a small space, this bold choice can really take the depth of color to a whole new level.


If you’ve been debating a bathroom upgrade, now’s the time to go bold with the darkness of navy.

Start with our Cheyenne framed round mirror.


How to Choose a Frame Style and Finish

Framing your bathroom mirror is the simplest way to take your bathroom from boring and unfinished to stylish and chic. However, even once you’ve made the decision to frame your bathroom mirror, the toughest choice is still in front of you: which frame style and finish is right for you?

With lots of options to choose from, it’s easy to struggle with choice paralysis. That’s why we’ve developed a short list of question to help narrow down your style and preference.

  • How is your bathroom decorated? Consider style features that are tougher to switch out — like paint or wallpaper — as well as ones that are easily replaced, like shower curtains and cabinet hardware. How would you describe the style?


  • What finishes are used on the sink? While you can consider replacing sink finishes if you’re looking for a full bathroom redo, planning to coordinate your mirror frame finish with the existing finishes is a good place to start.



  • Would you prefer something simple or more ornate? While many of the mirror frame styles can’t easily fit in these two categories, deciding between extremes can be a good place to begin when narrowing it down.


  • What is the ideal color for your mirror frame? Look at the rest of your bathroom colors and think carefully about what color would work best. If you’re going with a wooden frame, consider shade and darkness of stain. If you’re interested in a metallic frame, consider whether gold, copper or pewter would suit your bathroom best.


Still can’t decide? Consider ordering a few samples so you can compare in person!

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You Got Your Samples…Now What?

Ordering frame samples before finalizing your Add A Frame selection is the best way to ensure you’ll like your chosen material and color. Plus, at just $1.00 a piece, it makes sense to “try out” the colors and styles you’re torn between before making a final decision.

So, you made a smart, conscientious decision: you ordered samples. But now they’ve arrived and you’re still having trouble deciding. Now what?

Don’t panic if it isn’t immediately obvious which mirror frame is the right fit for your mirror. It might take a little while to decide — and that’s OK!

Here are some things you can do with your samples to help make your decision a little easier:

  • Adhere them to your mirror. Rather than just holding each sample up and trying to visualize how it would look as a full frame, stick your samples directly on your mirror and observe how you react when you come into your bathroom and see it. If you have more than one sample, put them on opposite sides of the mirror so you can imagine the full effect of each.
  • Observe in various lighting. If your bathroom has a lot of natural light, observe how you feel about your frame selections at different times of the day, depending on how the light hits.
  • Get a second opinion. Poll the other members of your household or bring in a friend to see what they think. While you want to be careful to stay true to your own opinion first, it’s always good to seek other insights.
  • Give it time. Live with your samples for a few days and see how you feel. You might be surprised to find that one sample grows on you while another no longer feels right.


If you’re still not sure which frame is right for you after a certain period of time, you may way to consider ordering more samples to test out. You want to feel confident in your Add A Frame selection. And trust us: when you’ve found the right fit, you’ll know.

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Product Spotlight: Add A Frame

In today’s post, we’re featuring our flagship product: Add A Frame®.

Our Add A Frame collection aims to easily and affordably give your bathroom a more finished, polished look. Rather than replacing your entire mirror — or worse: living with bare edges — Add A Frame simply attaches to your existing mirror. With adhesive backing and dimensions customized to your exact mirror specifications, you can change the entire look of your bathroom in minutes.

Of course, there’s more to our Add A Frames than how easy they are to install. They also come in more than 80 finishes, with styles ranging from traditional, to contemporary, to rustic, to ornate. Whatever type of style you’re trying to create with your blank canvas mirror, Add A Frame can create the near-effortless transition.

Plus, if you’re unsure about which frame to order, we’ll send you a sample so you can visualize the effect of adding a frame in person. You may even want to order several samples to test out different styles before you commit to a full frame.

Once you select your chosen finish, everything you need for installation will arrive with your customized and perfectly fitted frame. You’ll simply glue your frame corners together, add the assembly wedges to secure the corners, then use the corner guides to measure spacing for placing the adhesive-backed frame directly onto your mirror.

And trust us: this isn’t one of those home improvement projects that sounds easy and actually ends up taking weeks. In fact, we have hundreds of reviews from real customers that use the word “easy.” Here’s just a small sampling:

“We are delighted with the frames we purchased. They gave our bathrooms a much-needed facelift. They were also very easy to assemble and install.” – Tena H.

“Love this mirror frame! Installing it was pretty easy and it instantly added some elegance to my bathroom. It really makes the room feel complete.” – Nicole S.

“Taking the plain mirror from the original build and turning it in to a focus piece could not have been easier. Measure twice, wait for arrival, glue together and place on the mirror. Couldn’t be happier.” – Hilary K.

What can we say? Add A Frame is the product that made us, well, us. We’re pretty proud of it and we think you’ll like it, too.

Shop our Add A Frame collection to see for yourself.