4 Fast and Easy Ways to Spruce Up a Dull Bathroom

Want to improve your bathroom, but don’t have the budget for a total renovation? You’re not alone. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to spruce up your space without the need for a total overhaul. These four simple — but effective — tips can help transform your bathroom from dull to dazzling. 


  1. Swap out your lighting

Want to see yourself in the best light possible? Time to toss that stock overhead vanity light that came with the place. Find something sleek and distinctly you — you’d be surprised how much unsightly lighting can drag a space down. If you’re up to going beyond the vanity light above the sink, sconces or wall lights can add that ever-elusive “good lighting” that comes in so handy while you’re applying makeup or shaving (or taking a selfie!). Lighting on either side of the vanity mirror offers illumination and shadowless light for your face, while only having one above the mirror tends to create dark shadows under your eyes, nose and chin. Do yourself a favor here!


  1. Refresh your towels.

This upgrade is as easy as selecting and swapping out! Compared to, say, installing an all-new bathroom vanity, towels are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace. Plus, this is a great solution if you’re renting or if you simply don’t want to commit to a certain scheme that may soon be out of fashion. Although a fluffy white towel will never go out of style, towels are a great place to try out the trendy colors or bold patterns you love at the moment. If you want to really go wild, get all new bath mats in a coordinating color, too!


  1. Create a feature wall.

Giving your bathroom a strong focal point (that’s not the toilet) can elevate a space that’s typically only utilitarian in its purpose. One great solution? A wallpapered feature wall! It’s a great solution if you don’t want to commit to the time and money required for a full room of wallpaper. Pro tip: Opt for a wall that won’t stay moist from constant showering or splashing. For example, the water closet or powder room behind the toilet is a great spot to show off a fun print. And if you’re worried that a bold wallpaper will overpower your small space, choose an abstract painting in a similar colorway to the wallpaper you love — you’ll get the pop of fun without the need for wallpaper paste! 


  1. Add or frame mirrors. 

Mirrors add light and can make a small space seem much bigger by bouncing the light around. As it’s mentioned above, good lighting is key — and especially in a smaller bathroom. Adding decorative mirrors is one of the quickest, easiest ways to pack a big punch in your space. Better yet, frame a big mirror you already have! If you have a sheet mirror behind your bathroom vanity — or even a funky-shaped one elsewhere in your bathroom — adding a frame to the existing mirror is an affordable way to get a professionally designed look.

From decorative mirrors to fast, customizable Add a Frame mirrors, we have what you need to give your bathroom the boost it needs. Best of all, you can choose from a wide range of frame finishes and styles so that your bathroom wows you every time you walk in. Shop the range now!

Style Inspo: Mirrors Over Double Sinks

Double the sinks, double the functionality, right?! His ’n hers bathroom vanities are a practical (and popular) choice that offer more storage and elbow room than single sinks. But when you’re working with a double-sink vanity, should you go with two separate mirrors, or one giant one? Answer: There is no right or wrong! Ahead, we’re rounding up some of our favorite styles for mirrors over double sinks. 

Look #1: Two Mirrors

Image via

Putting an individual mirror over each sink offers a nice divide, making each spot feel distinct. This can give each person a feeling of having their own space — and that’s perfect for kids who share a bathroom, as it provides one less thing to bicker about!

Image via

Two mirrors, plus a window — we call that a win! Of course, this option would only work for you if your bathroom was designed accordingly, but look at how that natural light shines into the space!

Image via

Here again, the mirrors give a sense of division and distinct personal space, while still tying the two sinks together seamlessly. Plus, the style of the mirror frames complement the overall style, with the rustic woods nicely balancing the white marble.

Look #2: One Large Mirror

Image via

With a slimmer vanity, one large mirror may be your best bet. The single mirror over the double sink looks cohesive and polished, and even manages to make this bathroom look more spacious. 

Image via

With a single mirror over a double vanity, you can perfectly line up the edges for a clean look. Although two mirrors can add symmetry to a space, one long mirror can lighten things up and offer an airy feel.

Look #3: Three Mirrors

Image via

Why stop at two?! Obviously, this option will only work if your specific vanity allows for it — say you have a makeup vanity in between the two sinks, for example. If the vanity is long enough, three mirrors can offer a nice balance. 

Ready to customize your bathroom and give your mirrors a makeover? Whether you opt for two or three mirrors over your double vanity, or choose to frame one long mirror over both, we have exactly what you need. Shop all decorative mirrors here, peruse our LED mirrors here (perfect for adding a little extra lighting to your bathroom!), and learn how to easily frame your mirror here!

4 Inexpensive, Landlord-Approved Updates You Can Make While Renting

Creativity can be limited when you live in a rented apartment, house, or condo. Stock colors and standard tile selections tend to be quite blah (for lack of a better term), but that “no damage” clause in the contract can be incredibly restrictive. If you want to add a bit of personality to your space without causing trouble, keep reading!

Ahead, we’re rounding up a few (relatively) easy and inexpensive ways to give your rental a facelift. Best of all, none require construction or demolition, so you probably don’t even need to ask your landlord for permission. Score!

#1 Give your backsplash a blast of color. 

Use temporary wallpaper, faux tiles, or contact paper to give your kitchen a little style without sacrificing the beloved security deposit. The options are endless these days! For areas prone to splashes or messes (like behind the stove), go for a durable selection that can be wiped down regularly. Pro tip: If any sticking or glue remains after you try to peel off your temporary fix, a bit of Goo Gone will become your best friend!

#2 Light up your life. 

Did you know that light switch plates are actually super easy to swap out? It’s true! Find ones that add a little character or modernity to your space (or, at least aren’t an aged, crusty yellow), and just save the originals to pop back on when it’s time to move out. 

#3 Give a nod to your cabinet knobs. 

The key to rental upgrades is reversibility. Luckily, one such switch is on full display in your kitchen at all times: the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. Find ones you love in the correct, already-existing size, and go cabinet crazy! Just like the light switch plates, you’ll simply swap them back before you say farewell. (Unless they are a huge improvement — in that case, your landlord may want to keep them!)

#4 Give your mirrors an instant makeover. 

A plain sheet mirror is often the standard in apartments and condos — and unfortunately, boring is also the standard. Luckily, it’s super easy to add instant wow-factor to your mirrors with Add A Frame! Get a totally custom mirror frame shipped right to your door, no matter the length or height you’re working with. It’s an affordable option that can really make a rental bathroom look polished and personalized. 

Add A Frame options include tons of styles and finishes — shop the range now to find your perfect fit. 

5 DIY Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend

Are you someone who has big home renovation ambitions, but little time to achieve them? Well, take a deep breath and step away from your to-do list. We have a different list for you to try out — a list of DIY projects you can knock out in one weekend.

Picture it: No more lengthy, dragged out projects. No more mess and upheaval lasting for weeks on end. Just a job well done and a sense of accomplishment, all over the course of a weekend at home.

Feeling inspired? Try these suggestions.

Paint your baseboards 

Baseboards are notorious for getting dinged and neglected. A fresh layer of paint can make the whole room feel brighter and more pulled together — and all you’ll need is a little tape to make it happen.

Hang a gallery wall

Gallery walls add visual intrigue to a room and allow you to personalize your space with favorite photos, memorabilia, art and practical items (like mirrors!). With just a little planning, measuring and a careful eye, you can have an entirely new focal point in your living room, all within a few hours.

Increase your curb appeal

Allow your home to give the best first impression by updating your landscaping, slapping a fresh coat of paint on your front door and placing new pavers to make a walkway. You’ll be surprised to see what a big difference some potted plants and paint can make.

Hang new shelving

Floating shelves are easy to hang and offer plenty of decor opportunities to help you reduce clutter and express your style. Looking for something more practical? Hang hooks and shelving by the door to make your own entryway storage.

Recaulk your bathroom

Stay with us, here — this may seem like a difficult task, but it’s actually fairly quick and can be incredibly satisfying. Plus, fresh caulk can help rid your bathroom of mildew and prevent future leaks. Simply remove the old caulk, clean underneath and allow the space to dry, then add a new layer. Good as new!

And there you have it! Your weekend to-do list is set. Now, get to work.

Need a mirror for your gallery wall?


DIY Projects to Do at Home Right Now

Spending extra time at home doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, we’re willing to argue that staying at home right now can be downright inspirational.

You know those DIY projects you’ve been putting off forever? Now’s the time to cross them off your list. And if you’re looking for easy DIY projects you can accomplish with minimal supplies — well, we can help with that.

Here’s a list of 10 simple DIY projects you can do at home right now:

  • Clean out and organize your garage. We all have that one corner that’s become piled with stuff over the years.


  • Repaint all the trim in your house. Trim has a way of getting scuffed up and ignored; yet, adding a fresh coat of paint can make the whole room look revitalized.


  • Hang that gallery wall. You know all those photos you always print off and forget to frame? Now’s the time to fix that!


  • Paint a piece of furniture. Turn a drab dresser or end table into a bright accent piece with chalk pain.


  • Reorganize your closet. Bonus points if you hang new shelving or hooks for extra storage.


  • Create a vanity space. If you’re tired of bending over the bathroom counter every morning to get ready, create a custom vanity space with a small desk, mirror and chair.


  • Plant a small garden. Even if you don’t have a ton of outdoor space, growing something can give you a great sense of purpose.


  • Go wild with the label maker. Start in the pantry and see where it goes from there.


  • Replace all your knobs and drawer pulls. Find some eclectic knobs and drawer pulls to spruce up your dresser or kitchen cabinets.


  • Frame your bathroom mirror. You knew we had to put this one on here, right?


You don’t have to be a skilled craftsmen or artist to turn one of the above DIY projects into something gratifying checked off your to-do list. And you know who can help you with that last one, don’t you?

You guessed it — learn about our Add A Frame®.