Should Your Fixtures Match?

Short answer: maybe?

As with all design choices you make in your home, the answer to this question certainly comes down to personal preference. If you want crazy, mix-matched fixtures all over your home…well, you do you. However, if you’re here for some legitimate design advice, we can also help with that.

For most homes, you don’t have to worry about matching finishes from room to room. For instance, if you have silver kitchen fixtures, it’s perfectly fine to have a bronze faucet in your upstairs bathroom.

But what about mixing the finishes of your fixtures in just your bathroom or just your kitchen? While conventional advice would be to tie a room together as best you can with matching finishes, it’s not a hard and fast rule. In fact, there are plenty of reasons to change it up with finishes that don’t match.

Perhaps you’re renovating your bathroom, but you can’t find fixtures that match. This is a common problem if you’re redoing a portion of a room with older fixtures. Let’s say you really like the drawer pulls on your bathroom cabinet, but they don’t match the new faucet you’re dying to have. If you think the two different finishes look good together — well, then there’s no reason to not go with what you want!

Here’s a handy list of questions you can ask yourself to determine if mixing fixture finishes is the right choice for you:

  • How does the big picture work? Avoid zeroing in on the individual pieces and consider the sum of all the parts.
  • Do the finishes you’ve chosen complement each other? In many cases, it’s better to choose two completely different finishes than two that are close, but don’t quite match.
  • Do you like it? This is the most important question of them all. You’re the one who has to live there, so your satisfaction is key.

Luckily, when it comes to the finish of your mirror frame, you can find options to suit all kinds of bathroom styles — whether matching or mismatching is your thing.

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Top Design Trends of 2020

Design trends come and go, and with what’s “in” and “out” constantly changing, it can be a challenge to keep up. While we’re big believers that you should always make design choices that you enjoy — regardless of whether they’re “on trend” — we also love following style changes over time. Here’s what’s currently making waves in the interior design world in 2020.

Combining modern with antique

Mixing elements of both modern and more traditional — or even antique — style is expected to be big in 2020. Think antique furniture with modern art on the walls.

Big, bold colors

While clean whites and different shades of gray ruled the first part of the new century, latest design trends show a shift toward bolder, warmer accent colors and even deep monochromatic style. We’re talking cobalt blues and kelly greens.

Painted interior doors

Rather than just a boring shade of white, paint your interior doors to act as accent pieces in your home. This year, we’re seeing darker and darker color choices that really make doors that once blended in now stand out.

Fun bathroom designs

From quirky wallpaper, to a unique mirror, bathrooms no longer have to be the most boring room in your home. Instead, this year’s design trend is for bathroom design that takes risks and shows personality.

Faux marble countertops

While the real stone can be difficult to maintain, the latest in kitchen design is countertops made to look marble with porcelain and manmade materials. This provides the best of both worlds — the look you want without tedious upkeep.

Multifunctional spaces

Make the most of the space you have by taking back wasted space and being flexible with the purpose of each room in your home. Closet too big for your needs? Revamp a portion of it to act as a home office.

One thing’s for sure: 2020 is the perfect time to take a bold design risk.

Start with your bathroom mirror.


3 Hidden Benefits of Framing Bathroom Mirrors


Upgrading your bathroom mirror with a custom frame instantly enhances the appearance — but that’s not the only perk. While the improved look is certainly the top reason, we’ve compiled a list of three hidden benefits of framing bathroom mirrors that you may not have considered.

Benefit #1: Prevent and Hide De-silvering

De-silvering refers to the blackened edges some mirrors get after years of use. This is caused by water or cleaning supplies seeping underneath the edges of the mirror and damaging the silver backing, causing your mirror to look dated and dirty. Adding a frame can cover up de-silvering if it has already occurred, or even protect the edges of your mirror from future damage. Rather than replacing the entire mirror — which can be costly and difficult — a simple frame is an easy way to avoid and hide de-silvering.

Benefit #2: More Decoration Possibilities

An unframed mirror doesn’t really lend itself to decorations, but a framed mirror instantly allows for more possibilities. Especially with the holiday season just around the corner, a framed mirror can easily be draped with a garland or lights to add some seasonal décor to your bathroom. Similarly, you could drape beads or fabric around the edges for a more bohemian look. This ability to “dress up” your mirror for special occasions is a great way to add personality to your bathroom.  

Benefit #3: Easy Personalization

Framing bathroom mirrors also creates the perfect opportunity personalize your space with mementos. You can tuck photos, favorite quotes or concert tickets along the edge of the frame to remind you of happy times. Thanks to the frame, you can enjoy these items without having to use tape that might leave a hard-to-remove residue on your mirror.

Plus, on top of all of these hidden perks, framing your bathroom mirror couldn’t be easier. Whatever custom frame you choose, you can instantly upgrade your space and make it your own.

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The 8 Best Plants to Decorate Your Bathroom

Adding a plant to your bathroom can give it a fresh, spa-like ambiance, but not all plants grow well in bathroom conditions. With minimal natural light and high humidity from hot showers, it’s important to choose plants that are well suited for the constraints of the space.

And these eight plants won’t just simply stay alive in your bathroom — they’ll thrive in the unique environment and ideal conditions it provides.

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Tips for Transitioning Your Décor Throughout the Holiday Season


From autumn and Thanksgiving decorations, to winter and Christmas decorations, keeping your home décor festive throughout the holiday season can be overwhelming and exhausting. Rather than go through a complete overhaul each month from October to December, utilize décor items that easily transition between seasons. You can keep your home feeling celebratory for the rest of the year — without exerting any unnecessary effort.

Here are five quick tips for seamlessly transitioning your décor throughout the holiday season:

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