4 Strategic Ways to Add Natural Light to a Dark Room

Ever been tempted to bust down a wall or add a window or two to allow some light into your home? Atmosphere is everything — we understand! Before you break out your best DIY tools, consider these relatively easy (and comparatively inexpensive) ways to brighten up your space!

Whether your home is flooded with natural light or feels a bit more dark, what’s important is that you learn to make the most of what you have.

If you love light, but lack floor-to-ceiling windows in every room of your home, we’ve rounded up a few top tips for you to follow. Ahead, check out a few best practices for adding natural light into your home (WITHOUT needing to cut a hole in the wall!).


  1. Make your door work double-duty.

Glass storm doors, French doors, and even doors with frosted windows can be the difference between night and day for a room. Depending on the space in question, a simple door replacement can allow light to pour in. This is especially true for foyers, home offices, and even laundry rooms!


  1. Think beyond overhead lighting.

When you’ve exhausted your creative juices, it can be tempting to throw the brightest bulbs into one giant ceiling fan fixture and call it a day. However, relying on a single light source is not the answer. Consider floor lamps, sconces and table lamps to help bounce light off the walls. You might even consider investing in recessed lighting.


  1. Keep dark colors to a minimum.

In general, avoid overcrowding your space with too much dark color or clutter — that will only make a dim room seem more weighed down. Specifically when it comes to wall colors and furniture upholstery, dark colors can make a room feel more heavy. If your natural light is limited, stick to a light, white scheme and use colors as accents.


  1. Maximize light with mirrors.

Amplify whatever light does make its way into the room by instantly doubling it with a mirror! Mirrors reflect light and spread it around a space — and even into rooms opposite them. Not only that, but mirrors can make a room feel much bigger and more polished. Pro tip: Consider placing a mirror in the hallway wall directly across from your dark space to effortlessly add some illumination.

Achieving a bright, airy vibe in a darker space is not always easy, but it can be done with a bit of strategic design!

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5 Ways Mirror Positioning Can Improve Your Space

Mirrors can offer so much more than just a spot check your appearance. When used strategically, mirrors can make a home feel significantly more open and spacious. Ahead, we’re rounding up five clever ways to position mirrors to make the most of your space.

Make Your Space Seem Bigger

Because mirrors capture light and bounce it around a room, a general rule of thumb is to place your mirror adjacent to a window. This angle allows the mirror to perfectly catch the light and expand its reach. The more light a room has, the bigger and brighter it feels! (Of course, the bigger your mirror, the more space it will appear to create!)

Another option is to place your mirror opposite a window so that it can directly reflect 100% of the light pouring in. Either way, what matters is that you put careful thought into the “picture” that your mirror produces.

Double-down on Nature

Use your mirrors to bring the outside in! Since mirrors amplify anything in their path, consider positioning your mirror so that it reflects trees outside or a plant in the room. The added greenery can make a space feel much more open and connected to nature.

Give a Grand Entrance

Mirrors are not just handy for checking your hair when you walk in the front door. A big statement mirror in the front hallway can instantly make a house feel more light and uplifting to the person entering. As they say, there’s nothing like a first impression!

“Expand” Seating In the Dining Room

Not only can a mirror make your dining room feel bigger, but it can create the illusion of double the dinner guests! This adds to the energy of a gathering, and creates a vibrant atmosphere. Place one long, large mirror along the wall opposite of the door, or try using three smaller mirrors instead.

Make Your Mantel Magnificent

Instantly increase the size of your living room without down-sizing your furniture. Overmantel mirrors are a classic look, but getting the size right does matter. To figure out how big you need your overmantel mirror to be, double the height of your mantel shelf. Make sure that the width of the mirror is not wider than the mantel itself or things will look unbalanced.

How you position mirrors can certainly add light, balance and energy to a room. Of course, finding the right mirror frame in your desired finish, size, and shape makes a big difference on the overall look. Luckily, we can help with that!

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Where To Put a Custom Mirror

Sometimes, you just need something specific — and completely customized to you.

There are plenty of places in your home where what you need might not be something you can buy, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for less. Instead, let’s talk about some occasions when a customized mirror might be the easiest, most logical solution.

Your home gym

We’re all working out at home a lot more now, and if you’re missing those huge mirrors in the weight room at your former fitness center, it may have got you thinking about how to optimize your home gym. With a customized mirror, you can find something that works exactly with the space you have, instead of making your space work around the mirror.

Your living room 

You know that one wall that you can never figure out what to put on it? Or that space above your couch that’s a weird length? Your living room is where you spend your time, so make your space exactly what you want it to be and customize a mirror to suit your needs.

Your dining room 

Mirrors add great depth and brightness to a dining room, but placement is important. Too big and a mirror will seem overpowering, too small and it’ll seem insignificant and out of place. Find the exact right size to complement your room and table length by customizing your dimensions.

Your bedroom 

Checking your outfit in the mirror is an important part of getting ready every morning. You deserve to have the mirror you want in your bedroom — even if you have to customize it to get it. After all, if there’s anywhere in your home where you should be able to fully customize your decor, your bedroom is it.

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Expect to See Lots of These Paint Colors in 2021

It’s a new year — which means a fresh new color palate is ready to take over all of the latest design trends. From the annual announcement of Pantone’s color of the year, to predictions from the top names in decor, these are the paint colors you can expect to see all over the place in 2021.

Ultimate gray

Called “solid and dependable,” this gray color from Pantone is a perfect neutral to apply to any wall in your home or piece of furniture that needs a modern touch.

Illuminating yellow 

This bright and hopeful color from Pantone could be the antidote 2021 needs to shake off the challenges of the past year. And why not bring a little brightness indoors?


A bit bolder than the soft blues of the past few years, this fresh shade is a great way to add a pop of color without going too crazy. Plus, with a water-like effect, using this color on your walls can give a room a calming feel.

Olive green

The natural, soothing color of olive green is the perfect shade to make you feel like you brought a little of the natural world inside. Paired with some lighter wood tones, you can have yourself a trendy, peaceful retreat.


When in doubt, paint it black. OK, maybe give this one a little more thought than that, but black walls are growing in popularity and could have their moment in 2021. If you’re feeling bold, it might be the perfect option for you.

Of course, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: As fun as it can be to follow trends, it’s most important to choose a color that you like.

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Here’s How to Embrace Minimalism

In our culture of consumerism, it’s hard not to always want more, more, more. However, by paring down your belongings to things you actually want and will enjoy, you can get more use out of what you have and find more inner peace in your home.

In short, less will actually be more. Here’s how to get started with minimalism and turn over a new leaf in the new year.

Take inventory

Start out by going through your belongings and organizing into piles of “keep,” “donate/sell” and “trash.” Aim to either donate/sell or trash items that you rarely use or don’t need anymore.

Reduce duplicates

If you currently have 10 pairs of jeans, it may be worth looking at reducing that number, even if you still like and wear them all. Free up the space in your closet and give yourself less choices when getting dressed in the morning.

Pare down

Particularly with decor, paring down can make a world of difference. Look at shelving units, mantles or wall decor. How would it look if you removed a few items? Do you genuinely like all of your tchotchkes and display items? Chances are, removing one or two items from each shelf and streamlining your mantle will give your home a cleaner, fresher feel.

Bring less in

One of the toughest tenets of minimalism is not allowing more clutter to build up. Set a goal to reduce shopping, cut back on physical gifting (opt for experience gifts instead!) and aim to immediately sort new papers and mail right when they come through your front door.

Get a system

The most systems you can set up to keep clutter down and maintain minimalism, the more effective your efforts will be. For instance, make going through your closets and various collections a seasonal thing. Have an organization system in place that makes it clear when certain items are unneeded.

The less cluttered your home is, the more room you’ll have for the items you truly love and need to shine. And one last tip: With your decor, opt for form and function. Like, you know, a really beautiful mirror, perhaps?

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