Bathroom Designs: Black and White

A seemingly simple black and white color palette can have an impactful effect on a small space like a bathroom. A space that is dominantly white delivers a clean, spacious, and bright feeling, while a dominantly black space is more moody and perfect for a half-bath rather than a master or guest bathroom. With trends like subway tile and wallpaper currently in style, it’s the perfect time to revamp your bathroom with the classic combo we love so much.


Roberto Venturi Black and White

Image: Roberto Venturini / License


Steve Snodgrass B&W Tile

Image: Steve Snodgrass / License


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Before and After: Guest Bath Makeover with Le Flore

When it comes to home remodeling, or updating your style, the guest bathroom is often placed on the backburner. It is what we like to call a “next weekend” project, as in, “we will get to the guest bathroom next weekend.” This translates in married lingo to “we probably won’t do anything to the guest bathroom.” As if working on the weekend wasn’t bad enough, working multiple weekends can make relaxation seem to be a mythical being.

But why? We understand that rooms that are frequented more often definitely should be first on your list, but what about the room that a guest is alone in. Alone with their thoughts… A place in your house that is a designated space for you friends and family. Now, we aren’t saying that you need to add heated tiles, bidet, towel warmer or pay for a bathroom attendant. Something as simple as matching rugs and an air freshener can sometimes do the trick! But why not take it one step further with a simple DIY addition, like our Add A Frame.

Of course we are going to recommend adding one of our frames, but don’t let the “subtle” plug discredit this post. Just because it comes from us doesn’t mean it isn’t true! However, if you don’t want to stop with the frame, some good advice would be to include a basket filled with the bathroom freebies you can get in a hotel, this is a pleasant surprise for the forgetful friend. Another addition would be fresh flowers, however, this can get pricey and they are in a rarely visited section of your home. A nice habit to form would be to pick up fresh flowers before you have visitors. Fresh flowers would probably fall on the top of our “How to Impress the In-Laws” list, which happens to be the shortest list ever written….

Back to the frame. You can completely change the look and feel (and opinion of you that your friends hold) with a quick addition of a bathroom mirror frame. Check out a recent guest bathroom below that was transformed by the simple addition of a frame.

This particular customer chose our Le Flore frame, which is one of our most striking styles. It really makes a statement, and we feel that it accents the features already in place in the example below excellently.



Scandinavian Inspired, Glamour Infused Bathroom

Design inspiration is all around us, and a recent visit to a friends house led us to discuss the versatility of Scandinavian décor used in a bathroom – one of our favorites. The bathroom is a place for peace, a place where we can ponder our thoughts and dreams and in some cases plan to turn them into a reality. Scandinavian style can create the perfect environment for just that. A peaceful getaway from it all right in your own home.

Below are some of the elements we feel complete a Scandinavian inspired bathroom, feel free to send us pictures of your own!


The sink: Clean and unique look.

Scandanavian Sink

Image: Thomas Quine / License


The faucet: Gold Gold Gold

Scandanavian Faucet

Image: Rennett Stowe / License



Textures: Patterned tiled floor, patterned rug and heavy white washed wood.

Scandanavian Texture


Accents: Fresh flowers and greens.

Scandanavian Accents

Image: Antranais / License



Bathroom Fan: Football Inspired Design

It finally happened. After years (or what seemed like years) of waiting, football season finally came back. There’s something undeniably magical about it all. The lights. The people. The passion. The whole culture of the game really. So in honor of the return of the game I set out to find some unique football styles. Sure everyone’s heard of or seen the decked out sports sanctuary but these spaces take the game out of the mancave and into the rest of the house.


Who says football fans can’t be subtle and refined?


No question who these folks tune into on Sundays.


Now this, right here, is creative. From a distance it looks like your standard tile work but it’s got a little something special.


Okay, yes. Technically this one isn’t football…at least not in America. But you’ve got to give them props for creativity.

The Hall of Mirrors

You’re going to have to bear with me here for a minute. As you are probably well aware of by now, mirrors are kind of a passion of ours around here. So when we come across something like this it kind of blows our mind.

Now I’d heard of the Palace of Versailles before but I had no idea that it had a room like this! The Hall of Mirrors?! You had me at the name alone! As the name implies, the Hall of Mirrors (or Galerie des Glaces if you’re feeling fancy) houses seventeen mirrored arches that reflect the view over the palace gardens. Not a bad idea at all when your backyard looks like this!



Orangerie” by Urban at fr.wikipedia – Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.


Versailles chateau.jpg

Versailles chateau” by Marc Vassal – Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.


Now you may not be able to recreate something exactly like this in your own space, but there are some mirror frame styles right here at Frame My Mirror that evoke that larger-than-life, palatial French style. If you’re in the market for a little regal flair check out the Hudson in Nickel or Val Verde in American Pewter. Before you know it you’ll be shouting “let them eat cake” to the masses!


Featured Photo Credit: “Chateau Versailles Galerie des Glaces” by Myrabella – Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0