A Frame for Any Style: Our Inspiration & Top Picks

Picking the perfect theme and tying in the details can be one of the most challenging aspects of designing your home, and especially your bathroom. Depending on the size and style of your bathroom, your mirror should serve to perfectly complement your overall interior design inspiration. At Frame My Mirror, we try to make this a little easier for you by categorizing our frames in a variety of ways, from categories to color schemes. If you’re just getting started, it’s easiest to explore by category so that you can find the perfect fit for your mirror. Let’s take a peek at some of our favorite curated frames based on some of our recent bathroom and art inspiration!


No art, no problem. This unique way of framing a naturally beautiful brick fireplace is a great example of creative decorating. If your decoration inspiration is more in line with classically beautiful frames such as these, you’ll likely find something to fit your bathroom style from our Traditional Collection. We suggest our Camden Reverse in Nickel or Navarro in Gold.
traditional gold frame on brick


While a common theme for contemporary bathrooms is understated and polished decor, your bathroom may still look incomplete with just a basic mirror above your sink. This bathroom mirror is the perfect example of a much-needed modern frame. With light wood taking over as a coveted style, we suggest our Weston in Oak. On the other hand, going with a metallic is always a great choice to complement simple design, which you can find in our Edgecomb in Silver.
Source: Flickr – Polygon Realty Limited
License: Creative Commons

If your home is full of whimsical, unique design, you’ll likely gravitate towards our Ornate Collection. With a variety of special curvatures and color palettes, this collection will appeal to art lovers and elegant design fans. Who knew your bathroom mirror could compete with your framed art? We suggest our Val Verde in Venetian Bronze or Le Flore in American Pewter.


We can’t help but get excited about this repurposed wood turned eye-grabbing art. With the DIY craze upon us and a clear trend towards rustic, eclectic design, we offer a great way to integrate this style into your bathroom. Our Rustic Collection keeps in mind that you’ll want your accent pieces to mesh well with your framed mirror. As such, we suggest our rustic lovers take a look at Upton in Driftwood Texture or Berkshire in Silver.
Source: Flickr – www.hbfotografic.com
License: Creative Commons

Finding Inspiration in an Unlikely Place: Top Bathroom Reads to Keep Guests “Occupied”

bathroom reading books

It may seem counterintuitive, but some of our greatest thoughts might just come to us while we’re in the bathroom. Whether it’s chalking up a to-do list in the shower or gaining some insight from a bathroom read, there’s something to be said for a little time alone to just think. If you’re going to be spending some time in the bathroom, you might as well be learning a thing or two about the world or about yourself. Take a dive into some of the best books to stack in your boudoir.

Famous Quotes: Age Doesn’t Matter Unless You’re a Cheese by Kathryn & Ross Petras

Chock-full of quotes from history’s brightest minds, from Buddha to Fred Astaire, you’ll find just the inspiration or giggle you’re looking for when it comes to aging with grace, or at least with a sense of humor. With this read conveniently in your bathroom, you might just leave the room a better person.

Stories & Revelations: O’s Little Book of Happiness by O, The Oprah Magazine

Featuring some of the best works dug out of fifteen years of O archives, you’ll find lessons on asking for what you want, Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s universal wisdom, and other enriching stories told by some of the greatest writers to date. Don’t worry, no one will judge you for staying in the bathroom just a little bit longer.

Self-Help: Better than Before: Mastering The Habits of Our Everyday Lives by Gretchen Rubin

Not only testing her theories on herself, but on family and friends, Rubin breaks down habit formation and why it can lead to a happier, more productive life for all of us. From discovering which habits you should keep and which you should ditch, to why it’s just so hard to make them, you’ll be better for reading this. At least you’ll feel better knowing you’ve mastered one habit: bathroom breaks.

Must-Have: Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi

As self-explanatory as need be in its title, this humorous take on something we all do sets a great tone for any bathroom guest. From young to old, anyone flipping through these pages will have to get a grin on their face.

baby reading a book in the bathroom

Happy Reading!


Bathroom Cleaning Hacks Everyone Should Know

FMM bathroom cleaning for toothbrushes

We don’t know about you, but there’s something about saying goodbye to the cold that makes us feel a little more energized. Whether this energy is currently being transferred into spring cleaning or not, it certainly should be. With so many simple tips and easy-to-fix cleaning mistakes (like what’s lingering in your towels), there’s no better time to get to work and make your space look as great as you’re feeling. Who said cleaning had to be a challenge?

Bathtub. It’s not hard to find articles touting the benefits of some natural cleaning products for your home. While we’d all like to commit to doing everything perfectly, sometimes this commitment can be difficult to keep up. Luckily, Apartment Therapy found a solution that can simply be added to your grocery list. We’re not talking about a concoction or recipe; we’re talking about just one grapefruit. Slice it, salt each half, and get to scrubbing! The grime and unappealing dirt will fade with each scrub. If you’re a fan of this method, try it out on sinks, tile, and other dirty bathroom fixtures.

grapefuit for bathroom, tips by FMM


Towels. When you think about it, towels are there to slough off the extras and catch all the water after you get nice and clean. The end result? Lots and LOTS of trapped bacteria. Thanks to the cushiony softness and absorbent thickness of our bath towels, there’s plenty of bacteria packed into the layers that are not so visible to the human eye. What should you do? Clean your towels far more often than you probably are. Experts suggest a run through the washer after every three uses. Depending on your hygiene habits and the size of your family, this likely rings you in with at least two wash cycles a week. Set a timer on your phone for your least busy days twice a week to make this extra step a little easier. Your health will thank you for it!

alarm-screenshot-towel-drying alarm-screenshot-towel-drying-tips


Sinks. For some of us, getting around to daily sink rinsing and cleaning can be a little daunting. You may have committed to it at one point, or it may have fallen on an extremely long resolutions list a year or two ago. Chances are that some of us still let that chore go unfinished far too often, which tends to leave us with more difficult messes to clean up later on. You can either get busy keeping up daily maintenance, or you can at least prepare for the more stubborn clean ups. You may think kitchen tools are solely for the kitchen, but bringing a sponge or scrubber into the bathroom may be one of the greatest kept secrets. These will help you far more than a wipe or towel as they are able to truly get deep into some collected gunk and clear it out. No more tired arms!



Toothbrush. So, you can’t seem to remember the last time you replaced your toothbrush. Don’t feel too guilty–it’s never too late to get yourself on a cleaner track. Everyday Health offers a great tip that puts your toothbrush in seasonal mode. Toothbrushes should be switched out every 3 months, and what better time to get on this schedule than with the recent change in seasons? Once you get on this track, you’ll know that each new season means a new toothbrush. While calendar reminders are always a good way to go, there are also a variety of brands that sell brushes with color-changing bristles to let you know it’s time to switch. In between replacements, always remember there are simple ways to keep your brush in its best shape. Soaking the brush in mouthwash and regularly cleaning your toothbrush holder are great ways to maintain your health!

FMM bathroom cleaning for toothbrushes


Now that you’re privy to these little tips, it looks like it’s time to get cleaning!

Add Some Life to Your Bathroom, Literally: Spring Plant Guide

As we enter full steam ahead into spring, it’s hard to not get inspired by the floral abundance all around. Many of us are ready to say goodbye to drearier winter days and fully embrace some warmer, more welcoming weather. Use this inspiration to inject some springtime decor into your home. While you may most often opt to add floral touches to your dining table or kitchen, don’t forget to pay attention to one of your most used spaces: the bathroom! With simple touches like plants, you can transition your bathroom into a refreshing space. From colorful bouquets to succulents, there’s something for everyone.

Go Bold

colorful roses

Depending on your local market selection, you’ll likely find incredible, pre-arranged bouquets that will add color and vibrancy to your space. On staff florists tend to have an eye for the best color combinations if you don’t necessarily have an eye for this yourself. Try working with the color scheme you already have in your bathroom, or throw in a contrast by going with the brightest arrangement you see.

West Elm planters

While you may believe you’re limited to potted plants or holding flowers in a vase, you’re most definitely not! West Elm has done a great job at innovating plant storage with their glass potted boxes. With a variety of combinations and shapes, you not only add life, but design.

Commitment-Phobe Solutions


If the thought of keeping a plant alive seems like too much commitment, don’t consider yourself out of the plant game. Luckily, there are a variety of fake plants that you’d never second-guess. One of the best examples is fake succulents. Explore local home goods stores and you’re sure to find some that are already potted, as well. You’ll get the look without all of the fuss.

Happy Spring!

Unique Sink Styles

There are a lot of different ways to inject style into your bathroom. Whether you’re going for ultra-modern, strictly traditional, or anything in between, the options for personalizing your design are nearly endless. If you’re looking to make a real statement with your space, though, its best to go big. Sure a unique shower curtain or interesting cabinet hardware might get some attention, but nothing makes an impact quite like a one-of-a-kind sink. So we set out to find some innovative and jaw-dropping sink designs, and here are some of our favorites!


DreamLine DLVG-208-MH