Product Spotlight: Framed Mirrors

While our signature Add A Frame® option is great for mirrors that lack a frame, an already-framed mirror is the best choice when you’re starting from scratch and adding a mirror to a room where one doesn’t already exist. With plenty of styles, sizes and finishes to choose from, you can easily find a mirror that suits your space and style.

First, think about the style of the room where your mirror will hang. Is the design traditional? Contemporary? Would something more ornate or rustic look better with your existing furniture?

If you can’t narrow down your style to one of those exact categories, perhaps thinking of the finish you’d like is the best place to start. You might already know you want a wooden-framed mirror. Or, maybe your bathroom has bronze fixtures and you want your frame to match. Knowing a basic color or texture can help structure your decision and make the choices less overwhelming.

Next, think about what size mirror you need for your space. Our frame mirrors are custom-sized, so you can enter your dimensions and get the exact right-sized mirror you need — no compromising necessary.

Finally, all of our framed mirrors are available in standard, beveled and antiqued style. Standard mirrors have a clean, polished edge, while beveled mirrors have an angled edge that gives the illusion of a mirrored frame. For a unique look, our antiqued mirrors have polished edges and distressing behind the glass. While they aren’t as functional as the two other styles, an antiqued mirror can add a lot of character to a room.

When it comes to purchasing a new mirror, you deserve to get exactly what you want — and with our framed mirrors, that’s possible. With dozens of frame options to consider and custom sizing, we feel confident in saying there’s truly something for everyone.

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Product Spotlight: Decorative Mirrors

It’s no secret: we talk a lot about framed mirrors around here. Whether chatting about our signature Add A Frame® option or waxing poetic about our beautiful already-framed mirrors, it’s safe to say we’re pretty big fans of the framed mirror look.

However, as much as we love a statement thick-framed mirror in a bathroom, over a vanity or as part of a gallery wall, we also know that some spaces require a more delicate look. That’s where our line of decorative mirrors comes in.

These mirrors are subtle and timeless. With thin frames in a variety of metals — nickel, bronze and gold — these understated mirrors can add depth and intrigue to small spaces without being overpowering. While most are still framed, the thin, subtle outline allows the shape of the mirror to really shine. Or, if you’re interested in really highlighting the beauty of the mirror without a frame, consider going with the beveled look of our oval decorative mirror. And speaking of shapes, these decorative mirrors have curves in all the right places, with rounded corner rectangles, ovals and circular options.

Ideal for a delicate powder room, our decorative mirrors embrace a modern, sleek style that aims to complement the other features of the room, rather than take center stage. Choose a frame that matches the finish of your bathroom or go bold and mix metals. As for shape, consider how each option would fit in your space. For taller ceilings, your best bet might be an oval or rectangle to draw the eyes upwards. Or, if your bathroom is otherwise designed with hard angles and sharp edges, a round circular mirror might provide just the right amount of visual intrigue.

Whatever style you choose, our collection of decorative mirrors is bound to enhance the brightness and beauty of any room. And it’s something even we can admit: sometimes, less frame is better.

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You Got Your Samples…Now What?

Ordering frame samples before finalizing your Add A Frame selection is the best way to ensure you’ll like your chosen material and color. Plus, at just $1.00 a piece, it makes sense to “try out” the colors and styles you’re torn between before making a final decision.

So, you made a smart, conscientious decision: you ordered samples. But now they’ve arrived and you’re still having trouble deciding. Now what?

Don’t panic if it isn’t immediately obvious which mirror frame is the right fit for your mirror. It might take a little while to decide — and that’s OK!

Here are some things you can do with your samples to help make your decision a little easier:

  • Adhere them to your mirror. Rather than just holding each sample up and trying to visualize how it would look as a full frame, stick your samples directly on your mirror and observe how you react when you come into your bathroom and see it. If you have more than one sample, put them on opposite sides of the mirror so you can imagine the full effect of each.
  • Observe in various lighting. If your bathroom has a lot of natural light, observe how you feel about your frame selections at different times of the day, depending on how the light hits.
  • Get a second opinion. Poll the other members of your household or bring in a friend to see what they think. While you want to be careful to stay true to your own opinion first, it’s always good to seek other insights.
  • Give it time. Live with your samples for a few days and see how you feel. You might be surprised to find that one sample grows on you while another no longer feels right.


If you’re still not sure which frame is right for you after a certain period of time, you may way to consider ordering more samples to test out. You want to feel confident in your Add A Frame selection. And trust us: when you’ve found the right fit, you’ll know.

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Which Mirror Shape is Best for Your Space?

Mirrors make great décor additions to just about any room of your home — from the living room, to the dining room, to the bedroom. Adding a mirror to a space instantly brightens it thanks to light reflecting off the surface. In fact, adding a mirror to a room can even help the room feel bigger.

However, choosing the right mirror shape for your space isn’t always as straightforward of a decision as you may think. Here are a few key factors you’ll need to consider when selecting your mirror shape:

  • Size. Consider what else is on the wall where you’ll be hanging your mirror. Ideally, you want to leave at least a foot of space above and below where you place your mirror. However, while you don’t want your mirror to look too big for the wall, you also don’t want it to look undersized for the wall.
  • Lines. If the majority of the furniture in your space is straight lined, a curved mirror can add some balance. Or, to elongate a space, choose a mirror with longer lines and a minimal frame.
  • Frame. Speaking of frames, they can make all the difference in how your mirror interacts visually with your space. Whether you go dramatic, heavy or minimal, your frame needs to speak to the overall décor and aesthetic of your room.
  • Style. A heavily gilded mirror may not look quite right in your modern contemporary living room. Make sure the style of the mirror you choose matches the existing style in the room where you wish to hang it.


While it can be intimidating to make a mirror the focal point of a wall, don’t shy away from using a mirror as a statement piece. In this case, large squares or long rectangles are your best bet. Round mirrors often work better as one part of a larger décor installation, like a gallery wall; however, the right sized round mirror can certainly hold its own as a statement piece.

Above all, it’s important to find a mirror shape that speaks to your style. If you love it, don’t worry too much about design rules — there’s a way to make it work.

Ready to find the right mirror shape for your home? Shop framed mirrors today.

Product Spotlight: Add A Frame

In today’s post, we’re featuring our flagship product: Add A Frame®.

Our Add A Frame collection aims to easily and affordably give your bathroom a more finished, polished look. Rather than replacing your entire mirror — or worse: living with bare edges — Add A Frame simply attaches to your existing mirror. With adhesive backing and dimensions customized to your exact mirror specifications, you can change the entire look of your bathroom in minutes.

Of course, there’s more to our Add A Frames than how easy they are to install. They also come in more than 80 finishes, with styles ranging from traditional, to contemporary, to rustic, to ornate. Whatever type of style you’re trying to create with your blank canvas mirror, Add A Frame can create the near-effortless transition.

Plus, if you’re unsure about which frame to order, we’ll send you a sample so you can visualize the effect of adding a frame in person. You may even want to order several samples to test out different styles before you commit to a full frame.

Once you select your chosen finish, everything you need for installation will arrive with your customized and perfectly fitted frame. You’ll simply glue your frame corners together, add the assembly wedges to secure the corners, then use the corner guides to measure spacing for placing the adhesive-backed frame directly onto your mirror.

And trust us: this isn’t one of those home improvement projects that sounds easy and actually ends up taking weeks. In fact, we have hundreds of reviews from real customers that use the word “easy.” Here’s just a small sampling:

“We are delighted with the frames we purchased. They gave our bathrooms a much-needed facelift. They were also very easy to assemble and install.” – Tena H.

“Love this mirror frame! Installing it was pretty easy and it instantly added some elegance to my bathroom. It really makes the room feel complete.” – Nicole S.

“Taking the plain mirror from the original build and turning it in to a focus piece could not have been easier. Measure twice, wait for arrival, glue together and place on the mirror. Couldn’t be happier.” – Hilary K.

What can we say? Add A Frame is the product that made us, well, us. We’re pretty proud of it and we think you’ll like it, too.

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