Celebrating Summer Style

The harsh reality is finally hitting me. Summer, my favorite season and yours, is coming to an end. Sunny days on the beach will soon be replaced by crisp autumn air and strolls along sidewalks sprinkled with fallen leaves. Don’t get me wrong, fall is great. Football season, a break from the heat, back to school. But there’s something magical about summer. Something I, personally, don’t want to let go of without a fight. So I went on a hunt for room design inspiration that embodies the summer spirit.



There’s no question, coastal colors scream summer. The calming sea-blue walls coupled with the bright yellow accents in this space are as clear and bright as a sunny day on the water without being over the top.



Incorporating natural materials, like the shell mirror here, is a great way to add texture while keeping true to that summer, beachside look.



If shells are a little too “beachy” for you, try incorporating wood and glass elements into your space instead. There’s something about the two textures together that reminds me of a day at the lake – smooth, glassy water surrounded by trees.



When all else fails, throw in some flowers. Beautiful, colorful flowers and summer go hand-in-hand. Having them around just makes you feel good. Plus, they’re probably the easiest way to dress up a room!

So, true, summer may be winding down. I accept it. But I may just take a few tips from these rooms to keep my space warm and coastal even while the weather takes a turn toward the chilly. If, like me, you plan on doing the same, be sure to send over some of your before and after shots. I’m always in the market for some design inspiration!


Catch our Drift(wood)? DIY Driftwood Project

Inspiration. I took a trip to a family member’s lake house this past weekend for some quiet time. While I was there, I had the opportunity to explore and was able to drag out of the lake a few water soaked pieces of driftwood varying in size. Working with driftwood can be tricky. Whether it is the condition of the wood or how it differs from every other piece used, sometimes your end result looks like something that should be thrown back in the lake. There is a fine line between a contemporary piece with rustic inspiration and just a pile of rotting wood!

While these dry out I will be brainstorming ideas for my next creation, but I am considering going with something similar to these below. A more functional bench, or maybe even a centerpiece…


driftwood bench


Check out a few other benches we are digging here.


Driftwood Bowl


6 Reasons to Order Frame Samples

1. Options, Options, Options – Who doesn’t like having options?

2. Perfecting the Style – The mirror is the center of attention for your bathroom. Why not be able to choose between multiple styles just like you do with your decorative towels?

3. Because you Can – We have over 60 frame styles to choose from! Narrow your decision making without being locked into one style.

4. Marital Bliss – Do you and your significant other ALWAYS see eye to eye? Especially when it comes to interior design? Order a few samples and make the decision together.

5. Multifunctional – Our frame samples can be used for just about anything, door stops, paperweights, etc. The opportunities are endless.

6. Free Shipping – Not only are samples an inexpensive solution to perfection your bathroom look and feel, they ship for FREE!


So start browsing our selection of styles and pick up some sample frames today!

Tips for a Spa Style Upgrade

Turn on any home remodeling or interior design show and you’re bound to hear it: “I’m looking for that spa style.” No doubt it’s a popular choice. And with good reason. Who doesn’t want to relax in their own private spa at the end of a long day? The hard part is getting that look in your own bathroom without breaking the bank on a full-blown renovation. Luckily there are a few simple updates you can do yourself to inject some spa style into your space.


1. Cooling colors: The easiest way to change the look of any space, bathrooms included, is updating the wall color. It also happens to be quick, easy and cost-effective. For that coveted spa-sensibility, try going with cool and relaxing tones. Blues, grays or stone hues. Not only do they look great, these colors are also proven to promote relaxation and stress relief…in other words, spa.

2. Open storage: Now normally I wouldn’t be one to recommend opening up your cabinets for the world to see, but if you’re able to keep it neat and clutter-free it can be a stylish move. If you’ve got a dedicated linen cabinet in your bathroom try removing the doors. You can then roll up and stack your spare towels in true spa fashion.

3. Lighting: Ask any photographer and they’ll tell you lighting is everything. Well, believe it or not, the same can be said about your bathroom. Adding a simple dimmer to soften your lighting adds a relaxing spa element with the flip of a switch.

4. Refinish your cabinetry: Granted, this is a bit more challenging than the other three tips, but if you’re feeling confident it’s a sure-fire way to step up your spa style. Go for a rich, dark tone to complement your newly-painted walls and maintain that relaxing palette.


If you’re looking for a mirror frame to finish up your weekend makeover, I’d recommend the Berkshire in black or walnut or the Weston in espresso. The subtle lines and deep colors are perfect for any at-home spa. Now all you’ll need are a few candles and some relaxing tunes and you’ve got yourself a day at the spa.



Bathrooms of History: Fit for a King

Because of our business, we like to consider ourselves experts when it comes to bathroom design. That being said, we still like to acknowledge those that came before us. Those who pioneered bathroom design and functionality (shout out to the inventor of toilet paper), and that’s exactly what we’re doing here with a little trip into the bathrooms of history.

For this installment, we’re featuring the bathroom of one of history’s larger than life characters. The one and only King Henry VIII. While you might not have guessed by looking at him, Henry VIII was quite the innovator when it came to hygiene in Tudor, England.

When the monarch elected to make Hampton Court Palace (pictured above) his primary residence he demanded – in true kingly fashion – that a new “royal throne” be built within his stately tower. The room consisted of a beautifully constructed window seat, a gold-patterned ceiling and an imposing copper tub…high style even by today’s standards.

Perhaps even more famous than the bathroom itself was the king’s personal toilet within his Privy Chamber. While certainly an interesting feature as it stands, it’s what the king kept with his toilet that makes the story so interesting. The room was served by a personal attendant known as the Groom of the Stool. That’s right. And owing to the “close and personal” nature of the job, the position was highly coveted by courtiers of the period.

So there you have it. From us, the people that make bathroom design their business, we proudly honor Henry VIII and the room he fashioned to do his business.

Kings Toilet


Featured Photo Credit: Duncan Harris/(CC BY 2.0)/Via Flickr: duncanh1