How to Give Your Guest Bath a Refresh (And Stay On Budget)

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Living rooms and kitchens tend to soak up a home’s decor glory (and budget!), which can leave more utilitarian spaces feeling a bit incomplete. One such space is often the guest bathroom — a multipurpose room that typically needs to be welcoming for guests, functional for daily use, and act as a storage unit all in one.

Cluttered cabinets, drab decor, and an altogether underwhelming vibe doesn’t have to be the case for your guest bathroom. In fact, the small footprint of this space means you can pack a real punch without breaking the bank. Ahead, our top tips for giving your guest bath a refresh on a budget.

           1. Add a pop of paint.

Your space may not be conducive to a total repainting, but sometimes less is more anyway. Adding in a focal feature (besides the toilet or shower!) can ground the space and offer a bit more interest. Consider a single, bold feature wall, or give your vanity cabinets a fresh coat of color — the guest bath is the perfect place to have a little fun with your paint selection! A muted teal, splashy coral, or navy blue can all transform a small bathroom into something bathroom color

           2. Replace your hardware.

Mismatched towel bars, vanity handles and drawer pulls, and faucets can make a small bathroom feel jumbled and unintentional. Updating your hardware can have a significant impact on the overall cohesiveness of your bathroom without ever having to replace anything major. Take years off your bathroom’s life by ditching the worn, tarnished knobs and upgrading to something more modern. Be sure to factor faucets and toilet flush handles into your budget, too!

           3. Swap the shower curtain.

This tip may seem super basic, but swapping out the shower curtain can instantly make a bathroom feel less dingy. It’s easy to settle for whatever was on hand when you moved in, only to look up years later and realize you never upgraded it to match the space. Best of all, shower curtains are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace. Plus, this is a great solution if you’re renting, updating the bathroom from a kids-zone to guest bath, or looking for a way to add color without painting. Take it all to the next level by replacing your hand towels in a coordinating color!

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           4. Frame your bathroom mirror.

For instant polish and a more put-together look, upgrade the vanity mirror. If you have a sheet mirror behind your bathroom vanity, adding a frame to the existing mirror is an affordable way to get a professionally designed look. Choose from 80+ frame styles and finishes with Add A Frame® for a fast, customized, easy-to-install end product. Think you’re better off replacing the mirror altogether? Peruse our selection of Decorative Framed Mirrors for a ready-to-hang option, or add a little extra light to the room with a sophisticated LED Lighted Mirror.

framed mirror in small bathroom

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Replace vs. Renew: How to Tell When You Need a New Mirror

white frame mirror bathroom

Mirrors enhance the natural light in a room, can trick the eye into thinking there is more space than there is, and are downright useful when you’re getting ready in the morning. Sadly, mirrors don’t stay perfect forever, and they tend to get worn down over time.

Sometimes, a mirror is beyond repair — but how can you be sure? Before you invest in a new one, it’s important to recognize the key signs that show it’s time for a replacement. Keep reading to learn when it’s time to trash your mirror and when it can be renewed with a custom frame.

It’s time to replace your mirror if:

–It has a crack.

A cracked mirror means more than just seven years of bad luck, it can be a real safety hazard! Broken mirrors can do damage to you, your loved ones, and your furnishings if you’re not careful. Small cracks can turn into bigger ones, and nobody wants to deal with shattered glass. If your mirror has a crack — even a small one — it’s best to go ahead and replace it.

–Your image is distorted.

Keep the fun house mirrors at the carnival. If your reflection seems wavy, or some parts seem bigger or smaller, it’s likely because your glass mirror has worn down. Although you may enjoy the free slim-down service of a mirror that makes it look like you’ve shed a few pounds, it is a sign that the mirror is on its way out — best to replace it before it wears down even more and threatens injury.

Not every aged mirror needs to be swapped out. In many cases, adding a frame to your mirror can give it a second life — and save you a good deal of money!

Salvage your mirror with a new frame if:

–It simply looks outdated.

Mirror lost its luster? If your mirror is looking a little vintage (and not in a good way), but is otherwise functional, it is a great candidate for a frame. Choose from a wide variety of styles and finishes from our Add A Frame® collection to give your mirror a completely renewed look.

–You want to give the room a makeover

One fast and easy way to give a room a refresh is to add a frame to your mirror. Although it seems like a minor detail compared to, say, painting an entire wall, a new mirror frame can elevate a room and totally change the overall look. Often, people automatically replace the vanity mirrors when they renovate the bathroom. No need! If the mirror is in good condition, simply add a new frame to change up the style.

add a frame bathroom mirror

–It’s de-silvered or tarnished around the edges.

Ever noticed dark, streaky spots around the edges of your mirror? This “desilvering” happens over time when mirrors aren’t properly maintained. Mirrors have layers of tin and silver, and as the silver wears away over time, those dark spots become noticeable. Desilvering happens even more quickly and commonly in rooms that are exposed to high humidity, like bathrooms. Using improper cleaning methods, like a wet rag or excessive amounts of ammonia-based cleaning products, also expedites the desilvering process.

white add a frame

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The good news is that if you notice desilvering around the edges of your mirror, you don’t need to replace it with a new one. Try adding a frame for a polished look that covers up those irksome streaks. It’s a cost effective way to extend the life of your mirror and infuse a little extra style into your space.

Explore Add A Frame® options now!

Bathroom Refresh: 3 Ways to Spruce Up Your Small Bathroom

decorative circle mirror in bathroom

Stuck with a small bathroom? That doesn’t mean it has to be boring! In fact, because bathrooms have such a small footprint compared to the rest of a home, it’s the perfect place to be a bit more bold in your design style.

Lack of square footage, limited natural light and the need for functionality present challenges, but a little creativity can go a long way. Ahead, find the inspiration you need to give your small bathroom the refresh it needs.

Brighten things up.

The first trick to making any room feel bigger is to add light. In a small bathroom, this can be accomplished in a few ways. Consider adding new light fixtures, especially if the one above your vanity is outdated. Perhaps you have a spot for a sconce or two; side lighting can do wonders to flatter your face!

A second small way to enhance the light in your space is to repaint the walls with a high-gloss paint in a cheerful color. That way, you’re able to capture and reflect any light that does make its way into your small bathroom. Another smart solution is to incorporate LED lighted mirrors. This upgrade offers a two-pronged benefit: You’ll amplify the light in your small bathroom, and enjoy the pure practicality of seeing every pore more clearly as you get ready!

Weston white framed mirror in bathroom with lights

Flatter your feet with peel-and-stick flooring.

If your floors have seen better days — or if you simply want to inject a bit more personality — peel-and-stick tiles are your answer. Faking a tile floor is not a permanent solution, as the stickiness will eventually wear off, but some people see that as a perk! It’s easy to renew your flooring as your style evolves.

This is an especially savvy option for powder rooms or a guest bathroom that isn’t used daily for showering. Renters love this option too, because most peel-and-stick flooring tiles are easily removed with the heat from a hair dryer. Be sure you carefully read reviews and check the labels for your selection — bathrooms endure a lot of heat, humidity, and water, and you want to make sure your floor stickers don’t peel up after only a month.

Frame your vanity mirror(s).

Instantly create a polished, professional look to even the most boring and conventional bathroom mirrors by adding a custom frame! It’s a fast, cost-effective way to make your small bathroom feel more intentional in its design. This is a smart upgrade even if you rent your space, as it’s rarely an upgrade that a landlord complains about.

Best of all, this bathroom fix doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Add A Frame® makes it super simple to get the job done! All you have to do is browse through our dozens of frame styles to find the frame and finish you love, enter your size specifications, and then wait for it to arrive at your doorstep. The installation process is easy, too — no construction experts needed here!

Weston Black add a frame mirror with lights

Ready to DIY your way to a better bathroom?

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3 Easy Tips for Creating Calm In Your Home

Your home should be a respite from the busyness and noise of the world — a calming cocoon where you’re free to be your truest self. Especially in times like these, the last thing you want is more stress in your sacred space. There’s already enough of that to go around.

Creating a calming environment to come home to doesn’t have to require major renovations or zen elevator music playing constantly in the background. A few small tweaks can up the serenity in your space and help you feel more at peace. Find a few of our top recommendations ahead!

Tip #1: Eliminate harsh light.

Harsh overhead lighting can trigger headaches, add stress, and make a home feel overexposed. Unless you like your house to feel like a squint-worthy hospital waiting room, it’s time to make a change. Before you swap every single LED bulb for a low-wattage yellow light, consider the lighting placement in the first place. Lamps and sconces can offer warm lighting at a more manageable level, and will even flatter your looks more! Use candles (battery-operated if you tend to be forgetful!) to create an ambiance that will lower your blood pressure and cozy up a room.

decorative mirror in office with lights

Tip #2: Purge and edit everything.

Feeling cramped can instantly zap any feeling of tranquility in your home. Step one: Declutter! Having less “stuff” and organizing what you do have can be the difference between chaos and calm. Don’t feel like you have to tackle your entire home in one stretch; take it one drawer at a time. If you’re not sure what you need, what you don’t, and what you simply want to have because it makes you smile, read more tips on striking the right balance between decor and clutter.

Tip #3: Incorporate mirrors into your decor.

If you’re thinking, “I can only declutter so much..” —we hear you! At the end of the day, you have to be able to live and function, which requires a certain amount of storage and stuff in your space. One way to hack your way to a less cramped home is to add mirrors. With thoughtful placement, mirrors can make your home feel bigger, brighter, and more put together.

Mirrors reflect light and spread it around a space, which can make a room feel lighter and airier — appealing results if you’re seeking calmness! Pro tip: Place a mirror directly across from a window to practically double the light in your space.

Ready to destress your space? Find a ready-to-hang decorative mirror that perfectly suits your home decor, or create your own custom solution with Add A Frame®.

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How Often Do You Need To Clean Your Mirrors?

long decorative mirror in bedroom

Keeping your mirrors clean is an important step to maintaining their appearance over time — but how often is it really necessary? Answer: It depends.

Some mirrors in your home may only need attention every two or three weeks, while others — we’re looking at you, bathroom mirror — may get dirty more often. Here are a few scenarios to consider when setting up your mirror maintenance clean routine.

The Everyday Mess Mirror

Think about all the action a high-traffic bathroom mirror sees in just one day — from stray water droplets during hand and face washing, to toothpaste spittle, to aerosol products, to shower steam. It’s a lot! In this case, you may want to do spot cleaning throughout the week, followed by a thorough wipe down once a week.textured framed mirror in bathroom

The Full-Length Outfit Check Mirror

This is the type of mirror that you stand in front of every day before leaving the house. Occasionally you might lean in to check your teeth and maybe accidentally leave a fingerprint or two, but the general use is look-but-don’t-touch. Still, with a prominent place in your bedroom or hallway, this mirror sees a lot of use and could probably use a good biweekly cleaning. Of course, that’s assuming you don’t have young children who can reach the bottom of it … in that case, do whatever you can to keep up with the sticky fingerprints.

The Statement Décor Mirror

Prominently hung in your home, this mirror is a focal point in your décor. Let’s say this type of mirror is either a living room or entry way accent — while it may not see a lot of face-to-face interaction, you’re around it every day. Put this mirror on a biweekly cleaning schedule as well, which will be just the right amount of time to remove any dust that builds up.

round decorative mirror in entry way with flowers

The Rarely Used Accent Mirror

On the flip side, think about an accent mirror in a formal dining room that you only eat in for special occasions. Much more for show than use, this mirror can probably go a few weeks without needing a dusting. Depending on your cleaning preferences, you can probably even wait to tackle this task until you have a reason, like company coming over.

Keeping your mirrors clean is important for longevity and, in the case of mirrors in high-moisture areas (yep, we’re talking about you again, bathroom mirror), maintaining a clean routine can be key to preventing wear like desilvering.

So, go ahead and get those cleaning routines set on the calendar — your mirrors will thank you.

Need tips for streak-free shine? We got you.

Can’t find a glass cleaner you like? Make your own!