5 Tips to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

While you can’t magically change the dimensions of a small room, there are ways you can maximize your space and make a small room at least feel bigger. The square-footage may stay the same, but your attitude about where you live can drastically improve with just a few simple decorative tweaks.

Try one of these five tips to make a small space feel bigger — then sit back and enjoy your new “larger” room.

Get creative with paint

Painting your ceiling naturally draws the eyes upwards, which can make a small or low-ceiling room feel taller. Similarly, light-colored walls reflect the light and make a room feel more open. Opt for a shade of white, light grey, or light blue walls for a subtle, airy feel.

Utilize effective lighting

Overhead lighting that illuminates a room from the top down tends to give off a spotlight effect — even if it’s not immediately noticeable. By pooling all the light from one overhead source, you could be unknowingly minimizing your space. Instead, use smaller lamps around the room to bring light to every nook and cranny.

Buy furniture with exposed legs

It may sound silly, but furniture that you can see under — as opposed to a couch that is skirted or a coffee table that sits flat on the ground — creates a much more open, expansive feel to a room. As another tip, avoid putting your furniture flush with the wall. Evening pulling it out just a few inches can make a room feel less cramped.

Create an illusion with mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors reflect light and make a room seem instantly bigger. This is especially effective when a mirror is placed across from a window. Plus, framing a mirror adds elegance to any room, and the right size can even double as a statement piece.

Aim for bigger decorations — but fewer of them

An abundance of small decorations can make a room feel cluttered and stuffy. Instead, go for larger pieces that stand out and fill space, without making your style look too busy.

Next time you’re feeling crowded in your home, try one of the above adjustments and see what a difference it can make. You might be surprised.

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How to Create a Swoon-worthy Vanity Space


Are you tired of leaning over the bathroom counter to put on your makeup? Does your get-ready routine need a re-do? Creating a vanity space in your bedroom might just be the simple upgrade you need to put your best face forward every day. While having a dedicated vanity space may seem like a luxury, it can actually be easy — and inexpensive! — to create. 

First thing’s first: consider your style

A vanity space can be whatever you want it to be, so take a little time before you begin to consider what kind of vibe you’d like to create. Whether modern and sleek or vintage and colorful, your vanity space should reflect your personal style. Identify where in your bedroom you’ll be placing your vanity and consider how to incorporate your current décor.

Up next: build your area

Start cruising flea markets, thrift shops or estate sales and look for old desks, dressers or tables you can repurpose. Think carefully about the size and specifications you may need. For instance, do you need drawer space for extra storage? Try not to get hung up on the color or finish of the pieces you find — you can easily re-stain or paint to match your vision. Check out these links for tips on refinishing and painting furniture.

Once you find the right main piece, now it’s time to think about what you’d like to sit on. Aim for comfort and practicality, like a tufted stool that can easily be tucked away or an upholstered chair that makes a statement.

Finally: establish function

As much as you want your vanity space to be beautiful, it also needs to be functional. That means you’ll need one very important item: a vanity mirror. Depending on the lighting in your bedroom, you may want to consider an LED lighted mirror to make getting ready even easier. Or, choose between a framed mirror or decorative mirror that complements the style you’re creating.   

And last but not least, consider how you’d like to store and display your make-up, jewelry and products. Get creative with containers and storage options until you’ve found the perfect feel for your space.

It may take a little searching and elbow grease, but creating your own vanity space doesn’t have to be expensive of complicated. Before you know it, mornings will be more enjoyable and you’ll have a glam routine that rivals any celebrity.

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5 Timeless Trends That Aren’t Going Anywhere

As tempting as it is to try new and unusual décor trends, sometimes embracing a classic style is your best bet for getting longevity out of your home design. By following timeless trends, you won’t have to worry about growing tired of your choices or constantly wanting to update to stay “in style.”

Here are five trends to help make your home décor timeless:

Neutral paint colors

Choosing paint colors is a big commitment. While there may be certain (easily repainted) rooms of your home where you’re more likely to take a risk — your bathroom or a child’s room — stick to neutral paint colors in your main large living spaces.

Built-in shelves

Who doesn’t love a built-in shelf? Having more storage options is never a bad thing, and built-in shelves have the great ability to be both stylish and functional.

Statement mirrors

Whether on the wall or propped against a wall, an oversized statement mirror is a timeless way to add depth and visual intrigue to any room of your home. Not only does a statement mirror make a small room feel bigger and brighter, but it also gives you added function for checking your appearance.

Keeping it simple

One thing that’s sure to go out of style fast: an over-decorated, cluttered room. Erring on the side of minimalism will help your décor stay timeless and continually feel fresh.

Area rugs

Tying a room together with an area rug is never likely to go out of style. While certain colors and prints might change with the times, but the practice of adding a perfectly-sized area rug to warm up a room will always be on trend.

Now, this post is not to say that you shouldn’t take risks in your décor — just make them intentionally and consider how easy they are to change if you grow tired of the current trend.

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The Ultimate Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Once you’ve decided to remodel your bathroom, you might experience a rush of emotions: excited, anxious and — especially in the beginning — overwhelmed. When you’re investing your time and money into a big project, you want to make sure you’re covering all of your bases.

To help you feel more prepared to tackle your bathroom remodel, we’ve created the ultimate checklist of details to consider. We’ve gone beyond the big changes you’ve probably already thought of to include all of the smaller, everyday particulars. By taking the time to consider these important features, you can ensure your finished bathroom is a cohesive, well-designed space you can enjoy for years to come.

  • Lighting: Fluorescent lighting, a common building-grade staple, can give your bathroom a washed out, “blue” feeling — and it might literally be draining your energy. Instead, you can use your remodeled lighting to create ambiance through task or reflective lighting using LED or halogen bulbs that will give your bathroom a more natural, flattering feel.
  • Clean-ability: Cleaning a bathroom is no one’s favorite activity, but the changes you make in your remodel can set you up for a more pleasant scrubbing experience. Consider spot resistant faucets and resilient countertops that are easy to wipe up, such as quartz.
  • Safety: Think carefully about how your bathroom will function for both younger and older users. Well-placed grab bars can blend seamlessly with your design and make entering and exiting the shower a much safer experience for all. Similarly, you may want to consider including a built-in bench in your new shower — which can add extra convenience as well as safety.
  • Easy Fixes: While it’s natural to fixate on the bigger changes you want to make — like that big garden tub you’re dying to put in — sometimes the smallest, most affordable changes can have the biggest impact on how your space feels. Adding a frame to your existing bathroom mirror, switching out cabinet hardware or selecting a new shower curtain can all make a big difference.
  • Warmth: A relatively simple and often overlooked remodeling update, the warmth of your bathroom can significantly enhance the user experience. By adding in-floor heating, radiant wall tiles or a towel warmer, your new bathroom will start to feel like a luxurious spa.

Just remember: regardless of all the stress and planning, it’ll all be worth it when you step into your fully remodeled bathroom for the first time.

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How to Maintain Your Mirror — and Avoid Desilvering

gold decorative mirror in bathroom

When properly cared for, mirrors can last a lifetime. However, we’ve all seen tarnished mirrors in antique stores with blackened edges. This process, called desilvering, can happen when mirrors aren’t properly maintained. Luckily, it doesn’t take much extra effort to ensure your mirror stays looking as good as new — just add these few simple steps into your home care routine.

Be mindful of water splashes

The main reasons bathroom mirrors are at the greatest risk of desilvering is due to excess moisture that can affect the protective sealant on the back of your mirror. Take extra care to not splash water around when you wash your hands, brush your teeth or otherwise use a sink directly below your mirror. If any water does splash onto the mirror, make sure you wipe it up right away.

add a frame in bathroom

Dry off your mirror after particularly humid showers

If your bathroom gets particularly steamy after a hot shower, run a towel along the edges of your mirror to dry the moisture manually instead of waiting for it to air dry.

Clean with caution

Avoid spraying an excess of glass cleaner on your mirror when you clean it; instead, use product sparingly and make sure to wipe the mirror completely dry when finished. In fact, your best bet is to avoid spraying cleaner on your mirror altogether and use a microfiber cloth or paper towel sprayed with cleaner instead.

Choose the right products

Certain cleaners are more harmful to your mirror over time. Steer clear of vinegar-based cleaners or any cleaners containing ammonia.

Add a custom frame

Not only can a frame around your bathroom mirror hide any possible desilvering that might have already occurred, but it can also protect those edges from invading moisture. Plus, as a bonus, it will help your mirror look refreshed and polished, without needing to replace the glass.

With these five tips, you can enjoy your mirror for many more years to come.

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