5 DIY Gifts for a Creative (and Inexpensive!) Holiday Season

Do you love crafting? Are you looking to save money on gifts this holiday season? Well, now is your time to shine!

Homemade gifts are a great way to flex your creative muscles and save a little money — plus, the effort they involve can really mean a lot to your recipients. In fact, even if you aren’t much of a crafter, you can find plenty of homemade gifts that require little artistic ability, but still make a big impression.

Here are some ideas to get your holiday DIY inspiration flowing:

Homemade sugar scrub

Give the gift of self-care with this easy-to-make sugar scrub where you can customize the scent. If you’re feeling festive, add in some peppermint essential oils for a light, wintery smell. Then package it up in a cute container, tie on a ribbon and you’re all set.

DIY coasters

Pick up some white square tiles and gather together some scraps of festive wrapping paper. Then, all you need is a little Mod-Podge to adhere the wrapping paper to the tile and — wa-la! — you’ll have a set of custom holiday coasters perfect for gifting.

Homemade granola

Easy to make in a big batch, granola makes a great gift that recipients can enjoy in a variety of ways. Plus, once you mix your ingredients together, it’s just a matter of baking it up, then finding cute bags or containers to gift in. Try this recipe for a holiday spice granola.

DIY wreath

Everyone loves decorating for the holidays, and there are countless different styles and ideas for easy-to-make wreaths. Stop at your nearest craft store to find wreath forms and endless inspiration.

Decorative mirror or picture frame

If you have a bland mirror or picture frame, spice it up with some custom holiday decorations, some pretty mosaicked tile or a nice coat of paint. Now you have an inexpensive, completely customizable gift!

These ideas are just the beginning — the inspiration for DIY holiday gifting is endless!

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