6 Tips for De-cluttering and Organizing Your Bathroom

It happens to the best of us: over time, your bathroom gets overrun with half used products, overstuffed drawers and miscellaneous hair ties. Luckily, there’s no reason to wait for spring-cleaning as an excuse to tackle the organization of one of your most used rooms. Instead, we’re advocating for a fall refresh — and we have six tips to help you achieve your most de-cluttered and organized bathroom.

Toss or Donate

If you have a collection of hotel shampoos, sample products or even full-sized lotions you never intend to use, it’s time to say goodbye. Get rid of the opened and half-used bottles and gather up the rest to donate to a local women’s shelter. Not ready to part with them just yet? Fill a basket and put them under the sink in your guest bathroom as spares.

Make Everyday Items Accessible

If you know you’ll take your hair dryer out every single day, find a place where it is easily accessed and easily restored. The same goes for other everyday items. By prioritizing these frequently used items, you can create a better flow to your storage system.

Embrace Cabinet Storage

And speaking of easy storage, over the door cabinet storage hangers are perfect for holding hair styling tools, especially in bathrooms that are tight on space.


Use baskets, drawer organizers or small tubs to collect like items together and avoid the dreaded catchall drawer. This way, you’ll never have to hunt for a Band-Aid again — you’ll know exactly where to find them in your first aid basket.

Use Labels

Now that you have everything nicely categorized, go the extra mile and print some cute labels on sticker paper. Not only is this a unique way to show off your style, you’ll also never forget which bin holds which items.

Keep Countertops Clear

Nothing will make your bathroom feel more cluttered and less organized than a counter full of products and unnecessary items. Instead, keep it simple: just soap, maybe a toothbrush and toothpaste holder and one of two decorative touches, like a plant or a candle.

With these tips, you can easily maintain the clean, organized bathroom you’ve always wanted. Looking for a little extra style to your newly de-cluttered space? Add a frame to your mirror.

How to Make Your Bathroom a No Stress Zone

Your bathroom should be a haven from your busy, stressful life. Whether winding down at the end of the day with a face mask and a warm bath, or channeling inner peace in the morning while you get ready to tackle the day, you deserve a bathroom that feels like an escape.

Of course, saying you deserve a stress-releasing bathroom and actually having one are two totally different things. As summer winds down and you head into a busy fall, there’s no better time to make these few small tweaks to instill more peace in one of the most important rooms of your home.

5 Tips for Designing a Peaceful Bathroom

Invest in organizers

You know that cluttered catchall drawer you always have to dig through to find your favorite pair of tweezers? It’s time to bring a little extra calm to that space. Drawer organizers and under sink baskets can do wonders for streamlining your bathroom storage and making all of your essentials easier to find. Plus, you know what they always say: a less cluttered bathroom makes a less cluttered mind (or something like that).

Treat your senses

Your bathroom doesn’t have to smell like a bathroom. Instead, invest in a few nice smelling candles, a flowering plant that thrives in humidity (like these) or some high quality lotions.

Follow a neutral color palate

Calming colors like light blues, greys and creams will help instill a feeling of peace when you walk in your bathroom. Pair with a wood-toned mirror frame for a natural style that will remind you of being at the spa.

Splurge on linens

Stepping out of the shower onto an extra plush bath mat and wrapping yourself in a warm, cozy towel is one of life’s small pleasures. By splurging to stock your bathroom with the nice linens, you can enjoy a little extra piece of relaxation every day.

Get in a wipe down routine

Look, no one likes cleaning their bathroom. But you know what’s even worse? Using a dirty bathroom. Luckily, the simple act of wiping down your counters and faucet every evening can go a long way in keeping your bathroom looking and feeling fresh — which will make it a much lower stress place to be.

One final tip? Get the mirror of your dreams.