What to Do Instead of Throwing Away a Broken Mirror

It happened — you broke a mirror. But before you start worrying about the seven years bad luck, (we promise it’s a myth!) your most immediate concern should be what to do with all the potentially dangerous broken glass. While there is a safe way to throw away a broken mirror, you might find that inspiration strikes right as the glass shatters. And if you’re feeling crafty, that broken mirror could be repurposed into a number of beautiful décor items.

Here are five ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

Mosaic a tabletop

Combined with broken tile and shells, mosaicking is a unique art form that makes something beautiful from broken pieces. Choose a unique design, glue down your pieces and then either fill in with grout or cover with a glass frame to ensure jagged edges are kept safe from fingers.

Spruce up a picture frame

Plain picture frames are inexpensive and boring, while mirrored picture frames are chic and visually appealing. However, you don’t have to shell out up to five times the cost to get a fancier frame — all you need is a little broken glass and glue. Do your best to line up your pieces with smooth edges pointing toward the outside of the frame and use glass cutters to trim down pieces that are too large.

Use in a backsplash upgrade

Retiling your kitchen backsplash? Add in some mirrored pieces to your design and watch how your boring tile arrangement is suddenly a custom art piece.

Jazz up your old light fixtures

Unhappy with the light fixtures in your home, but not interested in spending big bucks to replace them? Mosaicking the outside with glass will instantly give you a fresh look and add a unique reflective quality to any room of your home.

Make a crafty ornament

If Christmas is coming, repurpose your broken mirror into personalized presents for your favorite loved ones. A box of plain ball ornaments is inexpensive and all you need is a little glue to position your pieces around the surface. Just don’t be surprised when you want to make more after you see how nice it looks on your tree.

Feeling inspired? Leave your ideas for repurposed broken glass in the comments below.

4 Off-the-Wall Ideas for Decorating With Mirrors

More often than not, when we talk about decorating with mirrors, we’re sharing ideas about wall placement and framing options — but who ever said mirrors had to be confined to the walls? By making your mirror decorating choices a bit more “off-the-wall” (literally!), you can add dimension and intrigue to a room. How? We’re so glad you asked.

In a centerpiece

While you may be able to find a mirrored tray, you can also repurpose a rounded framed mirror to be the base of a centerpiece in your dining room or on your coffee table. Then strategically placing other decorative items — like a small bud vase of flowers, cute salt and peppershakers or an ornate candle — and watch how the reflection of your décor creates a pleasing visual element.

On shelves

Staging shelves can be a process. You don’t want them to look too cluttered or too sparse, but you also need certain items displayed. Utilizing a mirror on a shelf gives the entire room a reflective quality that can enhance your space and develop an illusion of depth.

In furniture

Mirrored tables, bar tops and even dressers aren’t just beautiful and practical — they can also create dynamic reflections around a room. Plus, glass framed furniture looks less bulky in a small space, so it can be an ideal way for maximizing minimal square footage.

On kitchen cabinets

It might sound a little too off the wall, but replacing the center panel of your kitchen cabinets with a mirror can make your kitchen feel brighter and bigger almost instantly. Especially when paired with light paint colors and countertops, mirrored kitchen cabinets can be a huge design win.

Just like some ideas require out-of-the-box thinking, sometimes decorating with mirrors is best when your ideas are a bit off-the-wall. Whether using big mirrors, small mirrors or mirrors incorporated into furniture, you’ll be amazed at how their subtle reflective qualities can transform a space.

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