5 Superstitions and Myths About Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the craziest mirror superstition of them all?

There’s a reason that mirrors have played a unique role in pop culture and folklore over the years — after all, seeing our reflection is a fascinating thing! That’s why, just for fun, we’ve rounded up a few popular mirror myths and superstitions.

Seven Years Bad Luck

Perhaps the most well-known mirror myth, the belief that breaking a mirror would bring you seven years bad luck dates back to the ancient Romans. They believed life was renewed every seven years, which explains the length of the curse. (Luckily, this is just an old superstition; however, there are certain steps you should follow if you break a mirror to dispose of it safely.)

No Reflection = No Soul

It’s said that fantastical beings like vampires and witches don’t have a reflection when they look in the mirror because they don’t have a soul, and mirrors are meant to reflect our souls back to us.

Bloody Mary

A favorite “dare” in every adolescent slumber party’s nightly game of “Truth or Dare,” this folklore ritual claimed anyone who spoke Bloody Mary’s name 13 times in front of a dimly lit mirror would summon her bloody ghost.

See Your Future Husband

Apparently, at midnight on Halloween night, if you peel an apple in one long continuous strip in front of a mirror, then toss the peel over your left shoulder with your right hand, your future husband will be revealed to you in the mirror. Other versions of this myth say you actually eat the apple, so make sure you do your research before you give this one a shot.

Bad Feng Shui

In order to have a bedroom that follows the principles of feng shui, you better not have a mirror that faces your bed. This is because of the belief that your body and spirit go through a repairing process while sleeping, and it would be damaging to your rest to have the negative energy your body releases during sleep reflected back at you.

While we don’t know what to believe about some of these superstitions and myths, we know one unequivocal truth about mirrors: they look better with a frame. Luckily, we can help with that.

How to Get a Streak-Free Mirror

We’ve all been there. You take the time to clean your mirror, think you’ve done a good job, then your cleaning solution fully dries and…streaks. Suddenly, the mirror you just put in the effort to clean looks even dirtier than before you started. Cleaning your mirror again using the same method is only going to make things worse, so how can you achieve a streak-free mirror?

First, let’s talk about the mistakes you might be making that can lead to unsightly smudges and frustrating streaks.

Mistake #1: Using a paper towel

While paper towels may seem like the logical choice for cleaning your mirror, they’re actually more likely to leave behind particles and cause streaks.

Mistake #2: Using a cleaning solution not meant for glass

Run of the mill cleaning solutions aren’t designed to minimize streaks. A designated glass cleaner will make fewer suds than other cleaning solutions, which helps to reduce the residue left behind. Can’t find a store bought brand that does the trick for the right price? Consider making your own.

Now that we have those two mistakes out of the way, let’s talk about the tried and true method for getting a streak-free mirror.

Step 1: Pre-clean

Yes, it may sound ridiculous, but pre-cleaning your mirror is one of the secrets to ensuring your glass cleaner can do its job. Look closely and identify any spots or flecks — like toothpaste or make-up, perhaps — then carefully remove using rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad. This spot check might seem unnecessary, but trust us: it’ll save you more time in the long run.

Step 2: Spray With Glass Cleaner

Careful not to oversaturate. Ideally, you want your glass cleaner to be finely misted, not dripping.

Step 3: Wipe Clean With a Microfiber Cloth

A flat-weave microfiber cloth will yield the best results and avoid any lint sticking to your mirror. Start at the top left corner of the mirror and drag the cloth straight across to the top right corner. From there, run your cloth back toward the left side of the mirror slightly below where you last passed the cloth. Continue making horizontal swipes from side to side until you’ve removed all the glass cleaner from the mirror.

Step 4: Stand Back and Admire Your Handy Work

At this point, your mirror should be completely clean and streak-free. If you notice any missed spots, use your cleaner and cloth to remove them and then buff dry. Otherwise, enjoy seeing your clear, streak-free reflection smiling back at you.

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