A Frame with no Mirror

Who says you need a mirror to make the most out of a frame. Granted, nine times out of ten your frame will be, well, framing something. But that one out of ten times it isn’t can make for a really intriguing design element.

On a recent shopping trip I found myself wandering into one of the many antique shops in the area. Like most of these shops, items were stacked tall like pancakes and ran along all available wall space. Despite the sensory overload my eye was immediately drawn to an item in their courtyard. A frame on an easel. Simple but undeniably elegant. So I got to thinking, do you really need to frame something or can the frame itself be the art? If this setup here is any indicator, an ornate frame can most certainly be an eye-catching standalone piece.

Ceiling Paint: From Useful to Stylish

A trend I noticed on a recent trip to Charleston, SC, is the painting of porch ceilings. At first, I thought that it was just a trendy movement in the south, but I’ve come to discover that the residents painted it blue to deter bugs (a worthy cause in mosquito country).

This bug repellent technique is a pretty one and can easily be implemented in your home. Painting the ceiling of a neutral bathroom, hallway, or even bedroom can add character and unique flare that was missing before.



About the Author: Annie is a life & style blogger living in Charleston, South Carolina. Read more from Annie here.


Inspiration from The Apartment in NYC

The Apartment by The Line is an online store that has come to life. The owners of The Line bought a gorgeous space in SoHo to display their products, and there is inspiration abounding.

Major takeaways from The Apartment:

  1. Utilize natural light.
  2. Decide on an overall theme and color scheme and stick to it.
  3. Details make the room.
  4. Simplicity is effective and impressive.


The Apartment - Frames


The Apartment - Assorted Frames


About the Author: Annie is a life & style blogger living in Charleston, South Carolina. Read more from Annie here.


The Mid-Century Modern Bath

Call it the Mad Men effect. Or maybe its just a matter of what’s old is new again. Regardless, there’s no doubt about it. The Mid-Century Modern look is back. And I, for one, am happy to see it. Now like every retro style there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. There’s a fine line between an homage to the Mid-Century Modern style and just plain dated. Applying this look to your bathroom can be particularly tricky. Here are some spaces that hit it just right!

The clean lines. A clear Mid-Century Modern element applied beautiful in a functional and stylish bathroom.

Midcentury Modern Bath Clean Lines

Image: Hillier Road / License


Simple, sharp furniture. Watch one episode of Mad Men and you’ll see this style of furniture everywhere. The unembellished, clean look is a telltale style from that time.

Midcentury Modern Bath Glossy Vanity

Image: Cap Hill Modern Homes / License


Take the traditional up a notch. A pedestal sink is a staple from that era. But in terms of practicality, it’s not always the best choice for today’s bathrooms. Here the design marries the pedestal sink with modern functionality.

Midcentury Modern Bath Pedestal Sink

Image: GranitArchitects / License


Play with angles. The fifties was all about playing within convention. While keeping everything clean and sharp you can still use angles to add some interest to your space.

Midcentury Modern Bath Interesting Angles

Image: Alex Ansley / License


If you’re looking to add a frame to your space that fits perfectly with the Mid-Century Modern style I’d recommend the Weston or Edgecomb collections. Both styles complement the look beautifully.


Bathroom Designs: Black and White

A seemingly simple black and white color palette can have an impactful effect on a small space like a bathroom. A space that is dominantly white delivers a clean, spacious, and bright feeling, while a dominantly black space is more moody and perfect for a half-bath rather than a master or guest bathroom. With trends like subway tile and wallpaper currently in style, it’s the perfect time to revamp your bathroom with the classic combo we love so much.


Roberto Venturi Black and White

Image: Roberto Venturini / License


Steve Snodgrass B&W Tile

Image: Steve Snodgrass / License


About the Author: Annie is a life & style blogger living in Charleston, South Carolina. Read more from Annie here.