Bathrooms of History: Fit for a King

Because of our business, we like to consider ourselves experts when it comes to bathroom design. That being said, we still like to acknowledge those that came before us. Those who pioneered bathroom design and functionality (shout out to the inventor of toilet paper), and that’s exactly what we’re doing here with a little trip into the bathrooms of history.

For this installment, we’re featuring the bathroom of one of history’s larger than life characters. The one and only King Henry VIII. While you might not have guessed by looking at him, Henry VIII was quite the innovator when it came to hygiene in Tudor, England.

When the monarch elected to make Hampton Court Palace (pictured above) his primary residence he demanded – in true kingly fashion – that a new “royal throne” be built within his stately tower. The room consisted of a beautifully constructed window seat, a gold-patterned ceiling and an imposing copper tub…high style even by today’s standards.

Perhaps even more famous than the bathroom itself was the king’s personal toilet within his Privy Chamber. While certainly an interesting feature as it stands, it’s what the king kept with his toilet that makes the story so interesting. The room was served by a personal attendant known as the Groom of the Stool. That’s right. And owing to the “close and personal” nature of the job, the position was highly coveted by courtiers of the period.

So there you have it. From us, the people that make bathroom design their business, we proudly honor Henry VIII and the room he fashioned to do his business.

Kings Toilet


Featured Photo Credit: Duncan Harris/(CC BY 2.0)/Via Flickr: duncanh1


How to Clean Your Bathroom Mirror

Bathrooms mirrors (and their frames) go through a lot of daily wear and tear. Water, spit, fog, toothpaste, fingerprints, hairspray, human/household grime (ew!) and dust really start to add up for a murky and dirty reflection. Follow the shortened instructions below from to make your mirror pop!

What you will need:

  • Soft Cloth
  • Old Newspaper
  • Foam Shaving Cream
  • White Vinegar


How to wash your mirror:

  • Pre-clean the mirror by wiping it with a soft cloth. This will remove heavy dirt and dust
  • Use newspaper and water to get a streak-free shine. Crumple up newspaper in usable sizes. Dip into water and rub in slow circles across the mirror.
  • Go over wet areas again with dry newspaper to prevent drip marks. (Tip: If you still have streaks, just repeat steps 2 and 3. A residue may have built up from using commercial cleaners in the past.)


How to avoid damaging your mirror:

  • Avoid using commercial cleaners with acid, alkali, or ammonia—they are too abrasive.
  • Keep liquid away from the edges of your mirror.
  • Never spray cleaner/vinegar/water directly onto the mirror.
  • Don’t use newspaper with a soy-based ink.


Now that you built and installed your own bathroom mirror frame with ease, following these steps for a cleaner mirror should be simple!

Inspiration: Whimsical Design at Tipsy Parson

New York City is home to many people and many amazing restaurants. One of my favorite places to dine is the Tipsy Parson. Not only is the soul food delicious and affordable, the interior design is whimsical, eclectic and inspiring.


Inside Window Tipsy Parson


The front dining room and bathrooms are lined with fun wallpaper and simple tile floors.

Bookshelf Wallpaper Tipsy Parson


Bathroom Mirror in Tipsy Parson


The back room is bigger and just as amazing. One wall is filled with John Derian decoupage plates and the other side has pieces of framed floral art.

John Derian Tipsy Parson

Colorful Framed Images Tipsy Parson


The Tipsy Parson knows how to mix colors, patterns, fabrics, frames and more. You come for the food but you leave inspired by the interior design. It’s a win-win situation!

About the Author: Brooke is a fashion, design and lifestyle blogger living in Charleston, SC. Read more from Brooke here.

Create Your Own Picture Frame Collage

If you’ve got an empty wall that you’re looking to dress up but don’t quite know how, try putting together a collage of framed pictures. It’s a quick and simple project but can have a huge impact on your space.

Stop by your local department store and head over to the home goods section. Look out for the bin of bargain picture frames. This is where you want to be. Grab as many as you can fit in your cart but save the receipt. You’ll want to return any unused frames.

Now for the actual project, measure the height and width of your wall area. Recreate those dimensions on the ground using painter’s tape. Within that mocked-up space start mixing and matching frames to see what sizes and colors work best together, doing your best to stay away from anything too regular or patterned. Remember, the more random the better. Once you’ve got your design worked out its simply a matter of moving it to the wall. Take your time measuring carefully on the step so you end up with exactly the style you were hoping for. It’s worth it. And when you’re done, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind wall design and finally be able to showcase those photos you’ve had sitting in your desk drawer!

Be sure to send us pictures of your completed project so we can see how it all turned out for you!