DIY Wood Pallet Tables and Chairs

Wooden pallets are probably one of the most versatile of the reclaimed items that can be repurposed for further use. We came across a few a year or so ago and never looked back. They are perfect for indoor or outdoor DIY projects ranging from shelves to seating, and, if they are in nice enough shape, can be stripped down for even more creative use. Check out a few of our creations below!

2 Outdoor DIY Almost complete Pallet Tables

Outdoor Pallet Table Complete

Two DIY Pallet Tables on rock patio



Repurposing Candle Votives

I burn a candle every night. Which means I used have a lot of empty candle votives hanging around my room because I didn’t want to throw away the pretty glassware. But then I learned the easiest DIY and use the votives as storage in my bathroom!

Cleaning votives is simple. All you have to do is boil water and pour it in the glass votives. Let it sit there for an hour (or until the water cools) and the leftover wax will rise to the top. Use a spoon to scoop the wax out and throw it away. Then rinse your votives with warm soapy water and they will be sparkly clean. Make sure to get most of the wax out before you rinse them or else wax will stick to your sink!


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I use votives in my bathroom to hold my toiletries. But you could also use them in an office to hold pens and pencils or as a vase for flowers!

About the Author: Brooke is a fashion, design and lifestyle blogger living in Charleston, SC. Read more from Brooke here.

Add Some Intrigue with a Stylish DIY Antique Mirror

I’m always intrigued by how people use texture to define a space. During a night out a couple weeks ago, one piece in particular caught my eye – it was a beautiful antique mirror set just above our booth. In fact, the place was full of them.

I got to thinking, there’s got to be a way to recreate that look without spending an arm and a leg, or waiting 100 years for it to happen on its own. Sure enough, there is. Here are the simple steps you can take to transform a regular mirror into a one-of-a-kind statement that’s sure to get you some compliments.

First, head over to your local hardware store and pick up some Krylon Looking Glass solution, a spray bottle, white vinegar and some paper towels.

In a well-ventilated area, place your mirror down on a sheet or other protective layer, and tape off the frame to protect it from the solution. After cleaning the mirror thoroughly, spray it down with a few spritzes of a vinegar-water solution – about 50% water, 50% vinegar. Next, spray the glass down with the Krylon solution, making sure not to be too regular with your patterns. Let the mirror dry completely, about 10 minutes, and repear the process two to three more times.

Remove the tape from the frame, clean off the glass, and there you have it – an antique mirror you created all on your own.

If you want to go even more custom with it, try using a frameless mirror from the hardware store – this will also keep you from having to tape down the frame. You can then select a frame style to match the look you’re going for from the Frame My Mirror catalog. My personal favorites for the antique look? The Camden Reverse in the Nickel finish or the Humbolt in Black and Copper. Either would look great.

Be sure to send us pictures of your completed project so we can see how it all turned out!