Before and After: Customer Bathroom in Las Vegas

We love when our customers share before and after pictures of their bathrooms and new Add A Frames. It’s really amazing how significant of a change a bathroom can undergo with something as simple as framing a bathroom mirror. Check out these before and after pictures from our friend Ginger in Las Vegas who purchased three of our Berkshire frames in Walnut. They made a huge difference in her bathroom and blend seamlessly with her overall design, but don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!


Master Bath mirror before

After (1):

Master bath mirror afterv2


vanity before


vanity after

Design Friends: Playing With Patterns

Before moving, I had the hardest time picking out bedding since I was moving into a small studio. I knew a queen size bed would take up most of the space and therefore, I wanted my bed to perfectly reflect my style. I searched and searched for bedding sets but I wasn’t in love with any of them since they were too… matchy. I decided to take a chance and ordered a patterned duvet from one store, hot pink standard shams from another store and a bunch of different throw pillows from three other stores. Mixing patterns can sometimes be a daunting task, but I am in love with how it turned out! My bed definitely reflects my personal taste and I’m inspired to decorate the rest of my studio in harmony with all of the colorful patterns. And to add one last tip of advice: play with lots of different pillow sizes! It makes your bed extra comfy AND pretty. Check out what I came up with below! Next step, mirrors, lots of mirrors (the Berkshire Silver or Weston Oak would look great in my studio!).







About the Author: Brooke is a fashion, design and lifestyle blogger living in Charleston, SC. Read more from Brooke here.